Myohorengekyo Shingehon Daishi(4) UNDERSTANDING BY FAITH


Of The Sravaka that Buddha has never been able to make in Buddha among disciples of Buddha until now (the person who seeks his own enlightenment), Sariputra in the first place of wisdom, you must be the future He was given a guarantee that he could become the Buddha called Flower-Light, and his disciples, including Sariputra, were surrounded by great joy.


It is the "Understanding by faith Chapter4" that the Buddha's disciples in the Sravaka mentioned that they believed and understood the Buddha's teachings from the heart. Belief means to believe and to advance understanding. In this credible work, people who believe in and understand Buddha's teachings are explained in the form of confessing to Buddha.


The four Sravakas that are famous among the ten major disciple appear here. To realize the emptiness over the other disciple Sbuti. To beat the other one, the first to controversy prevailing to explain the religion Kacchana. It is the first head of the Buddha's disciples Maha-Kashapa who was thoroughly committed to abandoning desires, and the first eye power of Moggarana which is excellent in Power of wonder.




The royal capital of the country of Magada, which will be the stage where the Buddha was preached about The Lotus Sutra,

Worship at the top of Mount RYOJUSEN in the royal palace castle.

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The main point of the chapter 4


The four Sravakas who heard the teaching of "chapter 4 " that the car of the three-car-fired house was preached,so much with joy, soared up from the seat and put on clothes, With his right shoulder exposed, he put his right knee on the ground and confessed as follows, watching the Buddha's prestige with all their herts.


"We are seniors among the Buddha disciples, and we are getting quite old. We are not going to seek the wisdom of the Buddha, thinking that we do not need to make any further effort because we are away from the world's troubles and suffering. It was. "


However, after giving a memorial service to Sariputra, we make a great determination to save the people further, and a deep joy came.


The four confess, "We have obtained innumerable treasures although we did not seek them." So, with "The parable of Rich man and poor children," They showed their heartfelt understanding to Buddha.





Located in the city of Boddha-gaya, where Buddha has enlightened ,


A palace-like building with a splendid gate.




There were rich man with innumerable treasures. The rich man had a missing son for long time.  One day while He was looking for his son in his big mansion because he want to see the son, His poor children came before that gate.


The father immediately realized that poor children was his son, but the son did not know that his superior was a father. The poor, wandering son of fear ran away from the dreaded rich man, and when he tried to go back to the city where he lived again, the father's rich man ran the angel and stopped the son.


However, poor children thought that he would be caught and killed, and so fainted of fear. The rich man, who knew that the son had fallen to there, sent a similar poor-dressed messenger, and recommended that he work in his mansion, and let him start from the toilet cleaning job.


When his son worked for about twenty years, he became able to manage the property of rich man. One day, when the father who is rich knew that he had no life expectancy, He gathered everyone and told that this would be my son. The son was delighted, the father was relieved, and all the treasures were given. The son was nothing but our Sravakas , and the superior was a Buddha.



Nichirenshu Ishikawa Dojo statement





Once you step into the market, you will find shops and stores.



A variety of food and household goods are sold



About "Two Vehicle become Buddha"  「NIJOUSABUTU」

Hokkekai is a teaching that was preached at Mt. Makoto in the last year of his eighty years of Buddha's life, but in the scriptures before Hokkeena, those who were called Buddha's disciples of the family and who called the square of wisdom and wisdom formed the Buddha There is no textbook.


It has been said that square can not be adult Buddha. However, in the context of the text of the conviction, they did not not be able to become an adult Buddha, but they did not want to become an adult Buddha, that is, a Buddha.


The two halves of the Ho-Ha-Kai are divided into the first half and the second half, and the first half is called the main gate, while the second half is the main gate.


After the 5000 people who have risen to leave the mausoleum in the earlier stools, one of the important things that the Buddha appears is the disclosure enlightenment (showing the door, showing, enlightenment, etc.) First of all, the Buddhist priest, who understands the true meaning of the Buddha by the teaching that he will enter the Buddha's path, will receive a story of the adult Buddha of the Hanakou Nuri.



And, in the teaching that the Buddha disciples called many squares including the four great voices of this devotion become important fortifications to the main gate, it is the Hokkekaimon that they will receive the concrete mention of the adult Buddha one after another. Development of