Myohorengekyo Hobenpon Dai Ni (2) EXPEDIENTS

In this pastor, Shakamuni-Buddha, who is the one who talks to the teachings, is the elder's man, Shariputra, and is said to be the first wisdom among the ten major disciples of Shakamuni-Buddha.


Shariputra was born in Nalanda village, a capital city of the Magada country, on the outskirts of the Royal Castle (Rajagliha), as the firstborn of a rich Brahman.

Among the eight brothers, he was a particularly bright boy who learned the scriptures of the four Vedas early on to know the mystery, and was a boy who was familiar with various arts.

 The grandeur of the University of Nalanda, which still stands on the ground of "The Ancient Stupa of India's Buddhist University, Na-Landa's Great Stoopa", is still alive. It is said that 10,000 scholars lived here in the 7th century.


Sariputra did not immediately become a disciple of Buddha, but he first entered the gate of Sanjaya, a well-known skeptic in Rajagliha, and immediately replaced him.


However, he did not obtain the peace of mind that was the purpose of the family, and he sought out a better religious family with his childhood friend, Mogulana, who had been introductory.

And, Shariputra is admired in the presence of Buddha's disciple Assaji, who lives in the corner of the castle, seeks the teachings of the Buddha who is his teacher, and later works with Sanjai, who will become the 1st Buddha disciple of Miracle-Power. He pulled back his disciples and made devotion.



The main point of the chapter 2

The Buddha who had been sitting at Mt. RYOJUSEN opened his eyes from a deep meditation called “samadhi”, and he was quietly told with a calm heart and was told toward Sariputra.


that is

"Buddha's wisdom is so profound and imprecise. So it's hard to believe and understand."

While being a member of a Buddhist disciple who is called "sravaka" who comes out and listens to the teachings of the Buddha, and a disciple of Buddha who is called "pratyeka-buddha" The teachings of Lotus Sutra were begun to be told to all audiences, including those who realized that they were impracticable.

"The Way of King Vinbisara" An approach to the summit of Mt. RYOJUSEN, which King Binbisara of the Magada Kingdom used to hear the narrative of the Buddha. It is being repaired now, but some traces at the time are left. 


However, the Buddha has refused to preach the true teachings beyond words.

Suddenly said, "Let's stop it."


And the appearance, nature, body, power, work, cause, and cause of "the realities of the law", which is the true tale of all things that can only be understood between Buddha and Buddha The result, the result, and the reward only show that all of them are "as they are".


Three times when a shameful petition, such as Sariputra, is about to show the law of the Buddha to the fullest, the audience of five thousand people in the seat will stand up and listen Rejected.


The Buddha, as if he knew in advance, did not stop the people and waited to leave the mountain to start the teaching of the "Lotus Sutra"again.


It is not originally that there is discrimination in the living beings such as Sravaka, Pratyeka-buddha and Bodhisattva, but the Buddha's knowledge in the same life of Buddha and us (Buddha nature) It was in a place where it could be known that one important relationship of Buddha's wisdom.


In other words, Bodhisattva is not a sublime person, but everyone wants to become Buddha, and there is no living being of a kind like  "sravaka" or "pratyeka-buddha", and there can be no such teaching. 

This is called  "Teaching of the One Vehicle", and it is the will that common Buddhas, past Buddhas, future Buddhas, present Buddhas and present Buddhas have in common.

It is the heart of equality, the teaching of equality, that all the living beings must first know, and the realization of it is the first to enter into the teachings of the Buddha.


So why did the Buddha explain the teaching of the stage for vocalization and repercussions? The fact that Buddha is in the world is a time when the times are in the evil world of the five defilements.

In order to lead a living being because he was an evil world, he preached a teaching according to his power, that is to say his understanding. People learned  "Teaching of the Three Vehicles" and stayed satisfied with "Teaching of the Three Vehicles". What is described here is "Teaching of the One Vehicle"MYOHORENGEKYO that integrates traditional teaching. From the perspective of the people who were trapped by the "Teaching of the Three Vehicles" , it became a difficult teaching of disbelief.


In this way, Sariputra reconsiders his narrow heart, and he realizes again what he has sought from the past, and then "Lotus Sutra" moves to "the third prize".


Nitirenshu Ishikawa Dojo statement




Difficult to understand,Difficult to enter

The first thing that comes out of the convenience item is this "The gate of the wisdom of Buddha is difficult".


The reason is that while the wisdom of Buddha is infinite in time and space as well as in the universe, the mind of those who try to understand it loses the time of their limited life and the loss of their interests. Being bound is difficult.

First of all, you have to enter from the place where you are aware of your own narrowness.




The realities of the laws

The realities of the laws are the true phases or forms of all things.


This is something that only the enlightened Buddha can make up and explain, and it is not possible for us to know. The truth of everything is not a momentary stop, but a border that only Buddha and Buddha can know.


Therefore, the Buddha teaches and guides the people of the world with the power of convenience.




Five thousand people start up and left

Among the people who gathered at Mt. RYOJUSEN, there were a lot of people who learned and practiced Buddha's teachings, are also called Arahan, and think that they have reached the same boundaries of enlightenment as Buddha.

However, as the preaching of the Lotus Sutra, Buddha's wisdom is nailed if it is different from the one obtained by you.


And when Buddha preach the law of truth which is still enlightenment of the Buddha from now on by the question of Sariputra and three times of enthusiasm, those of the five thousand people among the bhiksus,bhiksunis,upasakas,and upasikas who have the pride of having already realized themselves  went down the mountain.

The one great purpose

The only purpose for the appearance of Buddha is to impart the same wisdom as Buddha, that is, the knowledge of Buddha to all sentient beings.

However, how do you impart to the sentients the knowledge of Buddha, which is the difficult wisdom of Buddha? What is necessary for this purpose is a pure faith that has abandoned its pride.


In the second textbook of the mail item

"The Buddhas and Buddhas have appeared in the world because they want their living students to open up their knowledge of Buddha and get things clean.

It has appeared in the world because I want you to show the knowledge of Buddha to the living beings.

It has appeared in the world because I want to make a living student and realize the knowledge of Buddha.

It has appeared in the world because I want to make a living student and enter the path of Buddha knowledge.

Because they have one and only important connection, the Buddhas name it as having appeared in the world. "

It is presupposed that.




The Buddha appeared to open up the mind of the living beings by the clean faith that loves the Buddha, to show the knowledge of the Buddha (Buddha nature) there, to enlighten that and to enter the road to become the Buddha, that is, the Buddha. .


The Buddhas are the Buddhas of the Third Decade.

Buddha appears in the world only for the purpose of disclosing enlightenment of Buddha knowledge to the sentient beings, and in other words, the sentient beings enjoy life in this world in order to disclose enlightenment on the knowledge of Buddha and in other words live their lives. is there.

 Buddha Gaya's Buddha image A golden Buddha statue enshrined in the Temple of Great Buddha at Buddhagaya, the holy land of Buddha. People from all over the world worship and pray.


The evil world of five defilements

The five generations of evil, where the Buddhas appear, are the five of suspension, annoyance, massaging, turbidity and life turbid.


1) Turbidity is turbidity of the times.

Wars, plagues and hunger increase and the times get turbid and disturbed. There is no substance in the suspension itself, it means the time when the other quarters have become active and will last for a long time.


2) Annoyance refers to bribery, jealousy, jealousy, arrogancy and doubt.

Images of human beings who are in trouble. Virtue infests.


3) Cloudiness of sentient beings.

The fate of sentient beings is lost, and the mind and body become dull and weak, and the whole of the society with much pain suffers.


4) Cloudy of thought.

Disruption of thought. A devious idea.


5) Occupancy is the turbidity of the life of sentient beings.

It is said that the lifespan will be gradually shortened due to overexposure and confusion, and the end will be up to 10 years old.


These five turbids are not active from the beginning, and it is said that they will become increasingly intense in the late life, and this is called the five turbid increase.


From the time when the life span of human beings has decreased to 20,000, or when the life span of human beings is between 100 and 10 years of decline, it is referred to as the evil world of the five defilements. (Quoted from the Nichiren Buddhist Encyclopedia "Godaku")




The teaching of the One Vehicle

HOBENPON(chaputer2) is an important teaching in the first half of The Lotus Sutra.

That is because the purpose of Buddha's preaching is clarified.

The predication is to presume only one truth. One Buddha ride is to lead to a single purpose, that is, to make all sentient beings Buddha. That does not differ in various Buddhas.


The truth realized by Buddha is the only one.

However, since there is shallow depth in the teaching base of the sentient beings, Buddha set up various methods and led by the teaching of the third power of Sravaka, Prayyekabuddha,and Bodhisattva. It was a premise for preaching the true teaching, the rule of law.

The teaching of the three vehicles is a convenience, and it is a convenience item that revealed that it will all arrive at the teaching of the One Vehicle.