Myohorengekyo Yakusoyuhon Dai Go (5) THE SIMILE OF HERBS

Textbook phrase

I will cause all living being to cross [the ocean of birth death] if they have not yet done it.


I will cause them to emancipate themselves [from suffering] if they have not yet done it.


I will cause them to have peace of mind if they have not yet done it.


I will cause them to attain Nirvana if they have not yet done it.


The main point of the chapter 5

In the chapter4(UNDERSTANDING BY FAITH), the four major Sravakas of Sbuti, Kacchana, Kashapa, Moggarana are taught by the teaching of Lotus Sutra. The content of what they understood was shown by the "Rich man and poor son's parable". On the other hand, it is "the herbal medicine" that the Buddha was taught with different contents and pardon that the understanding of the four Sravakas was correct.


When we look at our natural world, the  plants that grow there live in different sizes. It is not discrimination, but it differs by nature and relation. However, the rain given to the plants is equal.


Likewise, the four Sravakas have been looking at their own differences. They were fascinated by ther own suffering and distress, and the size of ther wisdom. In fact, it is not the case, but it is The Great Law that become to Buddha to look at the teachings given equally to each difference.


The One Vehicle of MYOHO which is the great wisdom of equality is in the difference and how you realize it.




Nichirenshu Ishikawa Dojo statement





Grass and tree parable

Blooming flowers and trees surrounding the garden of Maha Boddhy Temple in Buddha-Gaya.





Grass, trees, forests and various medicinal plants grow in the mountains, rivers, valleys and lands of this world.


The types are different and the colors and shapes are also different. Looking up at the sky, a cloud of cloud covers the earth and rains equally at one time. The moisture fullfils all the plants.


Rain falls on all plants regardless of roots, stems, branches, small leaves, small ones, medium ones, and large ones.


The plants and plants have different ways of receiving the benefits of rain depending on their size.


If rain is the teaching of Buddha, we humans can understand Buddha's teaching according to their abilities and qualities as well as this.



There is only one cloud that appears in the sky, but the rain from the cloud floods various plants, and each plant grows large, blooms, and bears fruit.



Land and the Rain of Law

I walked along the Hudson River in Manhattan, New York


Park walk way after the rain




Grass and trees spread roots, stalks, spread branches, spread leaves, and the earth is the same, even though it is raining.There are some plants that are large and some that grow.


In the same way, the Buddha preachs equally to the living beings with the same mind, but the sentients are at each stage believe and understand the teachings accordingly.


What this earth is like is the Buddha-nature of all the sentient beings.


The rain of the law that pours down means a function to act the Buddha nature that the living beings originally possessed but did not notice,and It is a function to be activated to reach enlightenment according to each stage.



In other words, it is "The Rain of Law" that becomes "The Seed of Buddha".




Three grass and two trees

The Landscape from Mt.RYOJUSEN where Buddha had preached The Lotus Sutra.


The ruins of the former royal capital and royal palace castle of the country of Magada, the present suburb of Rajgill.



The land is now overgrown with plants.




The eyes that Buddha looks at all sentient beings are equal. It does not distinguish or favor any person.


In the latter part of the Sutra, there are explanations of the three herbs and two trees.


Even if there is a difference between small, middle and upper of three herbs and small and large in two trees, it will be all grown and medicinal if it gets wet with rain, even if there is a difference between prestige and ability, it will be Buddha If you receive the teaching of, you can enter enlightenment.


The small herbs are the human world's heavenly king"TENRINJOO", the heavenly world "TAISHAKUTEN", and Brahman. The medicinal herb inside was trained in a forest and was enlightened by Pratyeka-buddha. The above medicinal herb is a person who strives to become Buddha and is training eagerly.


Just as there are three types of medicinal herbs, even if you listen to and practice Buddha's teachings, you will become three types of people: heavenly world, king of the world, Buddha's apprentice, Sravakas, Pratyeka-buddha of wisdom, and Bodhisattva.


There are also two types of trees. The small tree is a child of Buddha. A person who practices Buddha Buddhism with a certainty of being able to become Buddha and always makes mercy. The large tree is also a Bodhisattva. Even if there is anything, He spreads the teaching with irrevocable determination, and saves the sentient being without limit.



There are three varieties of Bodhisattva in the above medicinal herb, small tree, and large tree, but according to Tendai Daishi " Dividing preaching of Buddha's life into four parts of ZOKYO(Warehouse Teaching), TUKYO(Through Teaching), BEKKYO(Another Teaching), and ENKYO(Perfect Teaching), the above medicinal herb is the Bodhisattva of the warehouse teaching, the small tree is the Bodhisattva of the through teaching, and the large tree is the Bodhisattva of another teaching." It is said that.



Bodhi tree which the Buddha has enlightened



Various people such as monks and worshipers