Myohorengekyo Jukihon Dai Roku (6) ASSURANCE OF FUTURE BUDDHAHOOD

The main point of the chapter 6

It is called "assurance of future buddhahood" to give the guarantee that the Buddha can surely become the Buddha in the future to the disciples, but in this article the understanding of them in the previous convictions "the parable of rich man and poor children" The four Buddha disciples who have been told by the above, that is, Kashapa, Subhuti, Kacchana, and Moggarana, are given their titles.




Assurance of future boddhahood in The Rotus Sutra

A stage set out by the Rotus Sutra.

India's Rajjir, an incense room at the foot of Mt. RYOJUSEN in OSHAJO, the former capital of the Magada country.

Here, Shakamuni-Buddha began to give the assurance of buddhahood to Sariputra and another disciples.






 In the whole of the Rotus Sutra, Buddha has given five assurance of future Buddhahood to his disciples according to the stage of teaching and understanding.

For the first time, in the "A Parable(chapter3)", the first disciple who was called a vocalist to the first ruler of wisdom,

The second time, in the above-mentioned four Sravakas in this "Assurance of future Buddhahood(chapter6)",

The third was “The assurance of the Five hundred Disciples(chapter8) ” to 1,200 people such as Purna, Kaundinya,

The fourth was "The assurance of the Sravakas (chaptar 9)" and 2,000 people, including Ananda and Rahula,

The 5th was "Maha-Prajapati" and "Yasodhara", etc., in "The encouragement of Keeping This Sutra(chapter13)".


Even disciples naturally differ in their ability to understand the teaching , and in accordance with their ability, they will be given a Assurance of future Buddhahood in turn.


First of all, Buddha gave the Assurance of future Buddhahood to a senior member Sariputra who understands the teaching of the One Vehicle, and then it is an intermediate grade Kashapa,Sbuti,Kacchana,Moggarana that is understood by "Moe of Firehouse" or "Moe of Two Grassland". For a number of Buddha's disciples, such as lower class Purna and Kaundinya, who have not been recognized yet, and preached the connection of the world of the world in Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha with "The parable of a magic city chapter 7" It will be added to you later.




We can always become Buddha

In order to “become a Buddha,” you have to meet the conditions that can be Buddha.



The condition is training to become a Buddha. It is a condition that the Buddha will preach the Lotus Sutra by making efforts to save people. You can not make a Buddha just by reading the Rotus Stura. Understanding the preached teachings, practicing with the body, and working for the benefit of the people is the straight road to Buddha.




Maha Kashapa

Kashapa is from Brahmin, a village near the city of Rajagaha, the capital of Magada. It was called Maha-Kashapa to distinguish it from the Kassapa 3 brothers from Gaya who became the disciples of the Buddha with 1,000 disciples.


Among Buddha's ten great disciples, it was said, "Brahma practices first", and there was nothing out of the Buddha's disciples that came to the right in the practice of giving practice and attachment to food, clothing and shelter. As Kashapa had always put on a dirty robe, there was a case that other practitioners blamed him.



That is when the Buddha was staying in Gion Shoja, the royal capital of Ko-Sarah. Kashapa covered with mud and dust came close to the predatory Buddha. The monks who were present were disrespected for seeing this. The Buddha, who knew this, stopped preaching and called Kashapa,

 “Oh, come here, I will hold my seat in half, so I will sit here next to you,” complimenting the brave practitioners, and preaching that Kashapa is the equivalent of the Buddha. It is


When Kashapa worshiped three million billion Buddhas in the future and formed Buddhas, the name of the country was Light-Virtue, and the name of the Buddha Light-Tathagata, and the era was named Great-Adornment. The world Light-Virtue is very beautiful, the road is flat and flat, there is a moss on the ground, a golden rope is stretched around the border of the road, and beautiful flowers bloom. There are many bodhisattvas and sravakas in that country.








One of the ten major disciples, Subhuti is "the first in the Void" (the one who best understands the truth of the Void), "the first in the innocence" (the one who never argues with others), "the first in the charity. He was praised as (a person who receives the service of believers thicker than anyone else).


When Subhuti came to King's Castle, the capital of the country of Magada, King Vinbisara, who was thrilled to hear his preaching, offered to "make a moth for the sake of the Subhuti". However, the king was so busy with the administration that he forgot to open the roof when the fence was completed a little more.


Subhutri, who kept the teaching of the Buddha saying that he would receive the offerings with gratitude, without being caught by things, lived in a room without a roof.



Several months later, the heavens felt in his virtue did not rain during that time, so people in the Magada country suffered from the sun and crops began to wither. The king noticed that there was no roof in the moth and hurriedly covered the roof of the moth, and the heavens immediately rained, so he happily went along with the people and wrote the following poem.



My moth is finished and windless and comfortable


Heavenly rain, let it rain


My mind is well stabilized and has reached enlightenment


I am looking for a way


Heavenly God, let me rain


"Subhuti always walks along the path of Bodhisattva and finally comes to the Buddha. The name of the Buddha is given as Beautiful-Form, and the name of the era is Having-Treasures,and the name of the country is Treasure-Born,This Buddha is always being empty and preach the law for the sake of the people. And Leading to enlightenment of innumerable boddhisattva and sravakas. ”such as giving the Assurance of future Buddhahood.






Broadly proclaimed first among the Buddha's disciples, Kacchana was proclaimed in the country of Avanti, a remote area of western Central India.


It was necessary to have ten monks to leave home the son-in-law Sonákotykanna and to give the full buddhist precepts . So it took three years to gather 10 disciples and let them to leave home.



After that, pray for Buddha and make five monks necessary for the ceremony at the time of coming out, pile up footwear, clean the body by bathing often, use the skin of the beast skin, and so on. Was accepted to follow the customs of




"This Great Kacchana will make many offerings to eight hundred thousand millions of buddhas,attend on them, respect them, and honor them in his future life~he will complete the Way of Budhisattvas,and become a Buddha called Jambunada-Gold-Light~the World Honored-One" such as giving the Assurance of future Buddhahood.















Among the ten great disciples of Buddha, it is said to be "The super natural power First."


The super natural power is a kind of legal power that is obtained as a result of training, and it is said that Moggarana has shaken the palace of Sakra-Devanam-Indra with the toes by the super natural power. However, the super natural power of Moggarana was never used to perform a miracle.


He was in persecution in the last year because he used the super natural power to protect the Buddha's cult from external enemies and to surrender those who would split the cult. A whole body was beaten hard by a group called "Brahmin with a cane" and suffered serious death.



It was heard that "I could not avoid unlawful violence even though you have the first legal power of super natural" said Sariputra, a close friend who rushed to you. Moggarana said  "This is a natural consequence of the misery that afflicted and killed parents in previous life" he had taken his breath, thanking Sariptra's friendship.




"Then he will become a Buddha called Tamalapatracandana-Fragrance,~the World Honored-One, and the name of the era is Joyfulness,and the name of the country is Mind Happiness" He had given the  assurance of future Buddhahood on fifth.



After this, before give the assurance of future Buddhahood to the five hundreds of his disciples, the connection between Shakamuni-Buddha and his disciples' sectility is explained in the next "The parable of a magic city" The Rotus Sutra expands to the seventh in "All of you, listen attentively!".