Myohorengekyou kanzeon bosatu fumonbon dai nijugo(25)          THE UNIVERSAL GATE OF THE SEEING-WORLD-VOICE BODHISAYYVA


"THE UNIVERSAL GATE OF THE SEEING-WORLD-VOICE BODHISATTVA" has been taken out from ancient times and has become an independent sutra as "Kannon Sutra" and has been read by many people. The protagonist of this "Kannon Sutra" is the Kannon Bodhisattva from the Western Paradise Jodo, or Kannon for short. Kannon is very beautiful in the appearance. Whether it's Shokannon, Senjukannon, or Nyoirinkannon, just staring at its beautiful appearance will make you feel at home. I feel like I'm washed to the inside.


It is rare for people to not know Kannon's name. He is a bodhisattva who has been popular as a religious object of the common people for a long time, and "Kannon Sutra" is one of the most widely read sutras by the Japanese. "Kannon sutra" seems to be a popular sutra that preached the interests of this world, but in reality, there is no sutra that explains the function of life in the universe so well. That is why they were worshiped across times, regions and races. 


The main point of the chapter 25

It is said that when people who suffer from various anguish chant the name of the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva with all their heart, this Bodhisattva sees the voice and liberates them from their anguish, so it is called "Seeing-World-Voice". The various hardships that can be avoided and the blessings bestowed by the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva's mighty power are manifested in all phenomena in the Saha world, and are the benefits that lead us to the path of Buddhism. . 


"Opening the universal gate", which guides us in the form of the thirty-three bodies, is itself the guidance of suffering and the blessing of joy. In other words, the purpose of this article is to teach us how to deal with the mind and body ``without fear'' through the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva, in contrast to the way of placing the mind through samadhi, which was advocated in the second half of the seventh volume. , standing on it and recommending a "listening and feeling attitude".


Nichiren Shu Ishikawa Dojo statement


Call name with all one's heart

The Endless-Intent Bodhisattva asked Sakyamuni-Buddha why the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara was called the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva. On the other hand, the Sakyamuni-Buddha, when sentient beings were in various troubles, would call the name of this Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara with all his heart and ask him to save him. It is said that he will know the suffering and troubles and save all people. To call the name with all one's heart is to become one with the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva. 


The Merit of Calling Name - Seven Difficulties

By chanting the name of the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva, one can escape from all calamities. The sutra preaches the seven disasters of fire, water, wind, sword, devil, shackles, and thief. 


① Fire: Even if you enter the fire, you will not be burned by the fire,


② Drowning: Even if you get into the water, you won't drift in the water.


③Wind and disaster: Many sentient beings enter the ocean in search of treasure, and even if a sudden storm strikes and the ship is swept away to the land of cannibals, if even one of them praises the name of the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva, They can get the treasure and return home safely without being harmed by the cannibal.


It is difficult to cultivate a calm mind when faced with a disaster. However, he called himself "Namu Kanzeon Bosatsu".It is possible for us ordinary people to understand. If you call the name of the Seeing-World-Voice              Bodhisattva with all your heart, your mind will naturally calm down. Come on. You can find a way to handle              yourself even in the event of sudden calamities. The direction of having a bright mind. You can head to This              is said to mean that if you go into water, you will not drown, and if you go into fire, you will not burn. I got it.


④Difficulties with swords:  When you are about to be cut by a sword, if you praise the name of the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva, the sword will break and you will not be cut.


This means that when St.Nichiren was about to be cut for the Hojo clan at Tatsunokuchi Prison, he was too              calm to not kill him.


⑤Evil Demons: Even if demons like Yasha and Rasetsu come and stare at them with evil eyes or try to harm them, they will not be able to harm them if they praise the name of the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva.


No one should hit a baby. There is no harm in the baby, and there is no feeling of fear. Who can harm a     smiling baby? In the same way, one cannot do harm to a person who has mercy. Praising the name of        the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva means changing one's heart to one of compassion.


⑥ Shackles and Chains:  When one is put in prison for a crime and is bound with handcuffs, fetters, or chained, one can break free from these bondages by chanting the name of the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva.


 This means that no matter how much you are bound, you can be free as long as you have a firm and                         immovable state of mind. The mind can be free so long as there is proper faith.



⑦Damage to thieves: When a merchant took many merchants with him and was about to cross a dangerous road carrying treasure, one of the merchants recommended that his companions wholeheartedly praise the name of the Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva. It is said that he Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva bestows fearless power on sentient beings. That way you can escape from bandits.


 In the event of a calamity, if one person turns pale and trembles, all people are frightened. When one                         person is calm, everyone feels at ease. This is what it means to "provide to sentient beings with                                 fearlessness." The Seeing-World-Voice Bodhisattva is said to be "One who gives fearlessness".


Extinguish the three poisons

It teaches how to suppress the troubles and desires that arise from within one's own heart and how to transform them. 


(1) Lust:  If a person with a strong sexual desire arouses a feeling of respect for the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva, that desire can be changed. Even if you can't cut off sexual desire, you can turn it into compassion.


②Anger: There are people in this world who are short-tempered, get angry at even the slightest thing, and are quick to anger, cursing and hitting people. Even such a person can be freed from hatred if he constantly remembers the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva.


③ Complaining:  If you know that life and the surrounding environment are impermanent, you will stop complaining. Complaints are nothing more than hesitation that arises from thinking that the changing life is unchanging. No matter how much people complain, neither themselves nor the environment surrounding them will change. The sutra teaches that if you have time to complain, even if only for a moment, remember the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva. 



Change into thirty-three bodies

 Among sentient beings, there are those who are inferior in ability and those who are superior. There are people with all kinds of different abilities and environments. In order to preach the teachings to such a wide variety of people,  the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva must freely change and respond.


For example, if there is someone who should become a Buddha and save someone,  the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva transforms into a Buddha and preaches. Therefore, he preaches the teachings by representing all kinds of thirty-three bodies, such as Buddha body, Pratyekabuddha body, King Brahman body, and King Sakra body. Thirty-three bodies are not limited to thirty-three, but are meant to correspond to innumerable things.


It is not limited to humans, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. At times, they become flowers, trees, insects, birds, and fish, preaching the teachings. All of the universe can be regarded as a manifestation of the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva. The sound of the murmuring of the valley is also a sermon of the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva.


The Buddha explained that since the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva transforms into all kinds of things and saves us living in this Saha-World, we must wholeheartedly offer a memorial service to the Seeing-World-voice Bodhisattva.


References "Reading the Lotus Sutra" by Professor Shigeo Kamata