Myohorengekyo Myoshogonno honjihon Dai Nijusiti(27)   KING WONDERFUL-ADORNMENT AS THE PREVIOUS LIFE OF A BODHISATTVA

king's throne
king's throne


The teachings of this 'Myosho Gonno Honjihon' are slightly different from the previous articles of the Lotus Sutra. This is because it preaches how to spread the teachings between parents and children and couples.


The main point of the chapter 27

A long time ago, it happened at the time of a Buddha called Cloud-Thunder-Roll-Star-King-Flower-Wisdom. A king named Wonderful-Adornment believed in the law of Brahman. This king had two princes, Pure-Store and Pure-Eyes, who practiced the bodhisattva path under the guidance of the Buddha and were well versed in various samadhis. At that time, the Buddha, wishing to guide King Wonderful-Adornment and his relatives, tried to preach the Lotus Sutra. 


The two sons, Pure-Store and Pure-Eyes together with their mother, Mrs. Pure-Virtue made a pilgrimage to the Cloud-Thunder-Roll-Star-King-Flower-Wisdom Buddha to listen to the Lotus Sutra. However, since their father, King Wonderful-Adornment is loyal to the law of Brahman, Madame Pure-Virtue, in order to persuade the king, reveals the divine transformation of the correct law so that the king can open his heart and become a Buddha. Thinking that he would allow them to go to the place, the wife made Pure-Store and Pure-Eyes manifest a divine transformation.


King Wonderful-Adornment  was overjoyed, and mother allowed his two sons to enter the priesthood. Thus Pure-Store and Pure-Eyes entered each samadhi, and her mother also attained samadhi. King Wonderful-Adornment was a retainer of his many retainers, Madame Pure-Virtue was a retainer of the court lady of the inner palace, and the two children, together with 42,000 people, came to Cloud-Thunder-Roll-Star-King-Flower-Wisdom Buddha. . At this time, the Cloud-Thunder-Roll-Star-King-Flower-Wisdom Buddha preached the Dharma for King Wonderful-Adornment and made him rejoice. The king was overjoyed and took off the many pearl necklaces that had been hung around the couple's necks and offered them to the Buddha. Then, it is said that the necklace changed into four pillars of treasure in the void.



The Cloud-Thunder-Roll-Star-King-Flower-Wisdom Buddha prophesied that King Wonderful-Adornment would become a Buddha called Sala-Tree-King at this time. By this, the king entered into the priesthood, practiced the Lotus Sutra for a long time, and acquired the samadhi for the adornment of all pure merits. King Wonderful-Adornment reflected on himself and realized that his two sons had become his teacher. I will tell you what I said. And that King Wonderful-Adornment is the present-day the Flower-Virtue-Bodhisattva, and his wife Pure-Virtue is the present-day the Light-Adornment-Appearance Bodhisattva, and the two sons is the present-day the Medicine-King Bodhisattva. It is said that it is Bodhisattva, the Medicine-Superior Bodhisattva.


In other words, the main points of this book are that the mastery of the teachings includes actual proof and samadhi, that one's teachers transcends the ethics of the times, and focuses on the existence of the mother. It can be said that there is to do.


Nichirenshu Ishikawa Dojo statement


Guided by children

It is difficult for parents and children or couples to preach to each other. In this "KING WONDERFUL-ADORMENT AS THE PREVIOUS LIFE OF A BODHISATTVA'', it is said that King Wonderful-Adornment became a great believer in Buddhism through the influence of two princes and his wife, and spread Buddhism to the world. is. 



Family faith is very difficult. Even if the parent admonishes the child and the child preaches the truth to the parent, it is not easy to lead them to faith with words. It is not easy to teach Buddhism at home like this. In order for the Lotus Sutra to circulate in the world of the Latter Day of the Law, the  "KING WONDERFUL-ADORMENT AS THE PREVIOUS LIFE OF A BODHISATTVA'' teaches us that the state of faith within the family is important.


Manifest a miracle

The two princes,  Pure-Store and Pure-Eyes, were told by their mother, the king's wife, that the three of them must work together somehow to persuade the king to listen to the Buddha's teachings. What should they do about it? The teachings of the Buddha are the correct teachings, so if they just say that you should take refuge in the Buddha, the father King will never listen to them. In fact they have no choice but to show the power of faith. If they could clearly show the wonder of Buddhism in front of their father, They might be able to make him change his mind. There, the two princes performed many miracles in front of their father. 


A teacher is a great cause(of your enlightenment)

Having completed his training according to the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, the king went to the Buddha and said:


“I used to believe in the teachings of Brahmins, but thanks to the influence of my two sons, I am now able to live in Buddhism and see Buddha. It is a good teacher, and I am deeply grateful from the bottom of my heart.”



Then the Buddha said to King Wonderful-Adornment that you were able to meet two princes of good teacher because you had accumulated good roots from your previous life. It was said that from generation to generation you could meet with good teacher. It is said that the good teacher that you will encounter in the future will often immerse yourself in the spirit of the Buddha, preach the teachings, and lead you to enlightenment.


King, the Buddha said, "Good tercher is a great cause of your enlightenment"



Finally, the Buddha announced to the masses that King Wonderful-Adornment was the current Bodhisattva of Flower Virtue, and that the king's wife, Lady Pure-Virtue, was the Light-Adornment- Appearance Bodhisattva. Furthermore, the two princes refer to the current Bodhisattva of Medicine-King Bodhisattva and Medicine-Superior Bodhisattva.



References "Reading the Lotus Sutra" by Dr. Shigeo Kamata