Myohorengekyo Yakuoubosatu Honjihon Dai Nijusan(23) THE PREVIOUS LIFE OF THE MEDICINE-KING BODHISATTVA

The people gathering under the Bodh Gaya  Tree
The people gathering under the Bodh Gaya Tree



Teaching is understandable, but difficult to carry out. Therefore, an example is needed. It is the story of the bodhisattvas who practiced the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and rescued people in the past. The Bodhisattva that will appear in the future, including the Medicine-King Bodhisattva, is a model bodhisattva that has carried out the teachings of the Lotus Sutra.


The main point of the chapter 23

Here, with the example of the Medicine-King Bodhisattva, the knowledge of receiving the commandments is shown. Once upon a time, there was a Buddha called Sun-Moon-Pure-Bright-Virtue, who preached the Lotus Sutra for all sentient beings, the Glandly-Seen-By-All-Beings Bodhisattva and various Bodhisattvas. After that, this bodhisattva suffered and devoted himself to Buddhism and gained the samadhi by which he could transform himself into any other living being.



He said that it was thanks to the power of the Lotus Sutra that he was able to obtain this samadhi. He painted himself with incense and burned himself to make a memorial service. After his death, the sentient beings, the Glandly-Seen-By-All-Beings Bodhisattva, were born again in the land of the Buddha called Sun-Moon-Pure-Bright-Virtue. After his training, he gained a sentient being, Dharani, and was taught by the Lotus Sutra.



Thus, when the Buddha called Sun-Moon-Pure-Bright-Virtue entered Nirvana, he entrusted all the laws and remains to the Glandly-Seen-By-All-Beings Bodhisattva, The Glandly-Seen-By-All-Beings Bodhisattva was sorrowful that he put up his Buddhist temple and set up a tower to hold a memorial service, but he was unsatisfied and burned his elbows to make a memorial service. Other Bodhisattva and other people were worried about his appearance, but due to the belief of the Glandly-Seen-By-All-Beings Bodhisattva's vows, his own elbows were repatriated and impressed the people. be. It is said that the Glandly-Seen-By-All-Beings Bodhisattva is the current Medicine-King  Bodhisattva.

 Nichiren Shu Ishikawa Dojo statement


The samadhi by which he could transform himself into any other living being


The ability to guide a person by showing them the appearance that people want to meet, in the sense that they can freely express all their bodies. The reason why the The Medicine-King Bodhisattva can travel in the world of Sahā is due to the power of The samadhi by which he could transform himself into any other living being.



Significance of self-immolation

The Gladly-Seen-By-Being Bodhisattva, who gained great power, was surrounded by great joy, and he thinks that this is not his own power, but thanks to the Buddha, the Lotus Sutra. There, the Bodhisattva took perfume trees and herbs, drank perfume oil, poured the perfume oil into his body, put on a beautiful garment called the heavenly treasure garment, and burned himself, and the light illuminated the infinite world. Deep teaching is hidden here. In sutras

"Because it is the highest and most precious of all the alms, because it is a memorial service for various Tathagata by the law."

As you can see from the fact, self-immolation is a memorial service to the Buddha by law. In order to reward the grace of the Buddha, it is the best memorial service to spread the law at the expense of oneself and illuminate the whole world with the light of the law.


The dharanis by which one can understand the word of all living being

It is said that the Gladly-Seen-By-Being Bodhisattva was reborn and died, and repeated the rewards of spreading the teachings of the Buddha, and finally got the Dharanis by which he can understand the word of all living being.  This Dharani is a spiritual power that can hear the words of all sentient beings, know the hearts of sentient beings, and give appropriate teachings to them. 


King of sutras

After being told about the penance of the Medicine-King Bodhisattva in the past life, Sakyamuni-Buddha further explained to the Star-King-Flower Bodhisattva who asked about it that "Lotus Sutra" was the best sutra. 


(1) Like the sea first~ No matter how much water the river or lake is, it does not matter compared to the sea. Just as many rivers flow and collect in the sea, many other sutra teachings are unified in the Lotus Sutra. 



(2) Mt. Sumeru is like the first~ Mt. Sumeru (Himalayas) is not only high, but it is in the center of the world and unifies everything. "The Lotus Sutra" is also the center of all teachings and unified. 



(3) The Moon God is like the first~ There are countless stars in the heavens, but just as the moon is the brightest and the first, "The Lotus Sutra" brightens people's hearts and illuminates the dark night in all teachings. It will be bright.


(4) As if the darkness was removed by the Sun God~ When the sun appears in the eastern sky, "The Lotus Sutra" breaks the "bad darkness" in the same way that the darkness of the night disappears and becomes brighter.




(5) The wheel-turning-holy-king is like the first ~ Just as The wheel-turning-holy-king, who governs the whole world, is the greatest of all the kings, the Lotus Sutra is the most precious of all. The precious king must lead the people. It is important to guide those who believe in other teachings to the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. 



(6) As if the King Sakra(TAISHAKUTEN) became the king of 33 heavens~ The King Sakra(TAISHAKUTEN) is the highest heavenly king in heaven, but in the same way, "The Lotus Sutra" is the king of various sutras.


(7) Just as the Great Brahman Heavenly-king is the father of all living being~ This "Lotus Sutra" is the father of all the sages and saints, of the Sravakas who have something more to learn, of the Sravakas who have nothing to learn, and of those who aspire for Bodhisattvahood. 


(8) Just as Pratyekabuddhas are superior to ordinary men~ This "Lotus Sutra" is superior to any of the other sutra expounded either by Tathagatas or by Bodhisattvas or by Sravakas. and also The person  who keep this sutra is superior to any other living being. To accept is to firmly believe, keep in mind, and carry out the teachings.



(9) Just as Bodhisattva is the first ~ Bodhisattva are superior to Sravakas or to Pratyekabuddhas. "The Lotus Sutra" is the superior to any other sutra because it preaches the Bodhisattva as one of the teachings of the Buddha.



(10) Just as the Buddha is the king of the law~ The Lotus Sutra is the king of all the sutras because other sutra reveals the 30-year-old Buddhahood in the near future, while the Lotus Sutra reveals the Buddhahood in the distant past(KUON JITUJO).


Leave the pain and break the bond between life and death

Nichiren saint says that "separation" and "solution" should not be understood as a general meaning in the sutra that leaves the sickness and breaks the bond between life and death. Because, "Lotus Sutra" is a teaching that preaches annoyance and immediate Buddhist deliverance, life and death and immediate Buddhist deliverance, and does not throw away one of the two conflicting ones and take the other. Because it teaches that it is tied to.


What seems hopeless to one person is also an opportunity to inspire the soul for another. The eye that sees through the truth hidden behind the pain is called wisdom.