Myohorengekyo Kejoyuhon Dai Shiti (7) THE PARABLE OF MAGIC CITY

   (Buddhist painting of Tibet)
   (Buddhist painting of Tibet)

 As in the previous “Assurance of Future Buddhahood(chaputer6)”, it is this passage that preachs the relationship between the Buddha and the disciples who will give the prophecy of the Buddha .It is said to be "The Parable of Magic City" because the pardon of the phantom castle is explained at the end of this period. 


The main point of the chapter 7


In the old days of ”Carpa of the point of three thousand dust”, there was a Buddha called Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha. The sixteen princes who heard that this Buddha was fulfilled were the sons of this Buddha(sons before he got out of the castle) and asked him to preach the law. In addition, when Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha is established, the world of ten Buddhas vibrates and it becomes clear to a place where even the light of the sun can not be illuminated, and there is an unusual phenomenon that the living beings in it can see each other The The phenomenon that such a large light illuminates the world also appeared in the palaces of brahma, so it finally came to ask for the preaching of Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha.


In addition, the sixteen princes volunteered for their wisdom, and went home to become a Sramaneras. At the request of Sramaneras, Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha presided over The Lotus Sutra. Thus, Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha entered Samadhi, and after that the sixteen Boddhisattva-Sramaneras have shown The Lotus Sutra to many people for a long time. And many of the people who heard the teaching were born again and had not received the teaching of The Lotus Sutra.


These sixteen Boddhisattvas are now Buddha and preached in ten lands. Aksobhya Buddha and Sumeru-Peak Buddha in the eastern world, Lion-Voice and Lion-Form in the southeastern world, Sky-Dwelling Buddha and Eternal-Extinction Buddha in the southern world, Emperor-Form Buddha and Brahma-form Buddha in the southwest world, Amitayus Buddha and Saving-All-Worlds-From-Suffering Buddha in the west, Tamalapatracandana-fragrance-Supernatural-Power Buddha and Sumeru-Form Buddha in the North-Western world, Cloud-Liberty Buddha and Cloud-Liberty-King Buddha, and in the Northeastern World, Eliminating-Fear-Of-All-Worlds Buddha is there. And the Sixteenth, I Sakyamuni Buddha was made a teacher of this Saha-World.


 Now, the people who meet Buddha's assurance of future buddhahood are those who have heard the teachings of this law and rule in the past, and as a result, they become Buddhas here. To become a Buddha is something that can only be done by the teachings of the One-Buddha-Vehicle, and can not be done by the two vehicles. "The Parable of a Magic City" is the one that explains the two vehicles law as a basking castle for the purpose of being aware of the teachings of this One-Buddha-Vehicle law. What we should know now is also to understand the connections of the past in order to become a Buddha.


Nichirenshu Ishikawa Dojo statement



Kalpa of the point of three thousand dust

The 3000th World is an ancient Indian view of the universe. There are four continents centered on Mt. Shumisen, which is surrounded by the nine mountains and eight seas. This is called a small world. A collection of thousands of small worlds is called small thousands world, a collection of small thousands worlds is called  middle thousand world, and a series of middle worlds is termed large thousands world. The place where the number of thousands is multiplied three times is called the Three Thousand Worlds. In fact, since the number of thousands is multiplied three times, it is made up of one billion small worlds.




According to it, a person smashes the 3,000 great worlds and makes them into ink powder, and places the dust in the east after 1000 lands. And after passing a thousand lands, He will put dust again. Let's assume that the ink dust is exhausted in this way. Can anyone know how many lands have passed in this way? In addition, the land of the country where this person has passed, with and without dust, is combined, and all the land is destroyed and made into dust, and one dust is one Kalpa. The number of the Kalpas that the Buddha has passed away has exceeded this number, and there is many hundreds of thousands of billions Asamkhyas(this is finite number).



Kalpa is the unit of numbers in India , and Hinduism is said to be 4320 million years. In Buddhism, no real number is shown, but there is an explanation such as the time when the heavenly woman completely wears off the rocky mountain in 160 km square every three years.



A Buddha called Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence

The life expectancy of Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha has been a long time of five hundred and forty billion nayuta kalpas. Nayuta is thousand billion unit in India. Before the Buddha attained Buddhahood . he sat at the place of enlightenment and surrendered the demon army, and did not move even while entering the setting. There, the gods of the heavenly world created a lion-like seat (Buddha seat) under the Bodhi-tree, and the brahman-heavenly-kings let down the flowers of the heavenly world, the lords of the four heavenly kings, and the other heavenly men played the music of the heavenly world and waited for that time. And, after passing ten small kalpas, Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha was able to get the best enlightenment.


There were sixteen princes before Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha left home. The children heard that the father had the best enlightenment and they wanted  to left home and train. The prince's mother and aunt sent them with tears. The father of Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha , that is, the great grandfather of the princes, the wheel-turning-holy-king, also brought along many retainer and brought the people to make offerings and praise the Buddha.




Ten sides brahman-heavenly-king's offerings and solicitations

Starting from the offering and solicitation of the brahman-heavenly-kings in the east, the Rotus Sutra's scripture refers to offering and solicitation of the  brahman-heavenly-kings in the southeast and the south. The southwest, west, northwest, north, north-east, and lower parts are omitted, and finally, the service and solicitation of the upper Heavenly King are described. The sentence "May the merits we have accumulated by this offering, Be distrybuted among all living beings, And may we and the other living beings, Attain the enlightment of the Buddha!" is a word that the upper Heavenly King scares and offers Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha It is.



Concerning the texts of the ten brahman-heavenly-king's solicitations, the explanation of the Tendai-Taishi of China is that the brahman-heavenly-kings of the East and the Southeast ask for the law of the small vehicle(Hina-Yana), and the southern brahman-heavenly-kings have the law of the great vehicle(Maha-Yana), among them He asked for the preaching of the HODO-JI, and it is said that the upper brahman-heavenly-kings had entrusted the preaching of the HANNYA-JI in it.





The teaching of The Four Truths & The Twelve Causes

Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha, who was begged to preach the teachings from many brahman-heavenly-kings and the 16 princes, first preachs the teachings of the four truths and the twelve causes. This is a method of subdivision with the teaching of the stage of the Hinayanists, the Sravakas and the Pratyekabuddha. In the chapter3"A PARABLE", it is a shepherd and a deer carriage as a means to call children from the house of the fire in "The Parable of the Three-Car Firehouse". Both of them explain how to get rid of the pain that is the cause of human suffering.


About the teaching of the four truths. That is to say, (1) suffering, (2) the cause of suffering , (3) extinction of suffering , (4) the Way to extinction of suffering. (1) The truth of the heart is that life is bitter, (2) the truth of the cause of suffering is that the cause of the bitterness is Ignorance, (3) Extinction of suffering is ideal ground where the annoyance disappeared, (4) It tells what kind of training should be done to reach the ideal border.




The eight right ways to get rid of troubles in the Way to extinction of suffering  are “HASSHODO". That is (1) correct view "SHOKEN", (2) correct will "SHOSIYUI",(3) correct wording "SHOGO", (4) correct conduct "SHOGYO", (5) correct life "SHOMYO",(6) correct effort "SHOSHOJIN", (7) correct thought "SHONEN", (8) right mind "SHOJO".


 And the teaching of the twelve causes, Saying "Ignorance causes predisposition. Predisposition causes consciousness. Consciousness causes name-and-form. Name-and-form causes the six sense-organs. The six sense-organs causes impression. Impression causes feeling. Feeling causes craving. Craving causes grasping. Grasping causes existence. Existence causes birth. Birth causes aging-and-death,grief,sorrow,suffering, and lamentation. 


The phases of survival that make up the 12 causes are: (1) MUMYO (ignore), (2) GYO (potential formation ability), (3) SHIKI (cardiac action), (4) MYOSHIKI (spirit and body), (5) ROKUNYU  (six sense organs, eye, ears, nose, tongue, body,mind), (6) SOKU (the heart comes into contact with the subject), (7) JU (sensitive action), (8) AI (lovely desires, jealousy), (9) SHU (attachment), (10) U (living), (11) SHO (being born and living), and (12) ROSHI (aging and dying).



「HOKKE OVERTURNING LECTURE」Explain The Lotus Sutra many times

When Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha preached the law of the Four-Truths and the Twelve-causes, The six hundred billion nayuta people  were freed from the view of all the entwined ones and were relieved from their troubles. Deportation here means the realization of  the Hinayanist's. The Buddha must first preach the teachings of the Expedient, and later open the teaching to reveal the TRUTH.


In the teaching of "MAHA-YANA", In the predication method of "HODOJI", it is ashamed to give rise to a heart that takes a "HINA-YANA" and a "MAHA-YANA", and in the predication of "HANNYAJI", They felt that there was no gap between a "HINA-YANA" and a "MAHA-YANA". Subsequently, The Lotus Sutra was preached, and the 16 princes and some of the Sravaka congregants believed, but all the other sentients arose suspicion. Sixteen men, Sramanera-Bodhisattva, for each of them ascended to the law seat and preached The Lotus Sutra widely. 


It is called "HOKKE overturning lecture" to repeat and preach the Rotus Sutra. And even though it is the same way, there are some who get prospered by the karma of Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha, and some get prospered by the karma of 16 princes.




「GESHU(sow buddha's seed)」&「KETIEN(connection of buddha's teaching)」

Under the name of Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha, the sentient beings who had a connection with sixteen men, Sramanera-Bodhisattvathes were able to to meet in rebirth and death, and has received their teaching of The Lotus Sutra  in the middle.



Tendai Daishi interprets that there are three types for those who fit in between.

The first is a person who correctly believes the Rotus Sutra, who is led by the power of Maha-Yana in the middle, and has already accomplished Buddha.


The second class is those who once learned about the Rotus Sutra, but later retreated on the way, led to by Hina-Yana, met today's Buddha-like incarnation, and learned to surrender. In other words, Shakamuni-Buddha's Hinayanist disciples correspond to this.


The third class is those who did not believe that they got suspicion even if they listened to the repeated lectures of the Sixteen Buddhas, and under the ritualization of the Hina-Yana in the middle, under today's Buddha. It is a person who has received a teaching. Furthermore,They are also indulging in the edification of the Maha-yana for the first time under Shakamuni-Buddha, but what they gain is in the world after the destruction of Buddha.


By listening to the preaching method of the Rotus Sutra, you must know that there is a difference between those who are sowed Buddha's seed and those who have connection of Buddha's teaching.

Sowing the seeds of the Buddha means to hear and understand the Rotus Sutra, and to create a mind that seeks the wisdom of the Buddha based on the teachings of the Rotus Sutra. On the other hand, to connect with the teachings of the Buddha means that although They had heard about the Rotus Sutra, it did not come to their own initiative. However, the connection with the Lotus Sutra is connected, and they can come to meet the Lotus Sutra with the future.




In other words, the first class is sowed Buddha's seed, the third class is limited to have connection of Buddha, the second class is separate to be sowed Buddha's seed and to have connection of Buddha's teaching.




In the old days of the Three Thousand Dust Point Kalpas, the prince heard the Rotus Sutra from Great-Universal-Wisdom-Excellence Buddha carved the teachings deeply in his heart, and called it the "GESHU"(sow Buddha'S seed). Although he later relapsed, he repeatedly incarnates with the prince in the middle, received the teaching of Hina-yana, became a sravaka disciple under the  Shakamuni Buddha in INDIA, AGON,HOUDOU,HANNYA, The thing that has been received the preaching  is called "CHOUJUKU"(mature).


And it is said that it is "GEDATU"(Buddhist deliverance) that it hears the Rotus Sutra again and enters into one Buddha riding and receives a prophecy from Buddha and decides to become a Buddha. It is called "SHU.JUKU.DATU NO SANYAKU"(the three benefit of sow Buddha's seed,be maturing,Buddhist deliverance)       After pretending the three beneficent products, give a parable and preach again. That is  "THE PARABLE OF MAGIC CITY" 


There is a steep and difficult road here. There are people going this treasure path in search of treasure. In the party there was a bright guru who could see through to the end. Along the way, a weak person in the group said, "I am very tired and can not go on this scary road.


This guru thought in his mind. "These people are poor people. They are trying to throw away their treasures and return." So the guru who used the power of the flight made a phantom castle beyond half of the way. The guru told his companions. "Everyone does not need to worry. You don't have to go back. You can rest when you enter this castle. You can rest here and go for more treasure." Those who heard this rested in the castle with great pleasure. A guru who saw that  they were completely exhausted, they deleted this phantom castle and said, "Now, treasures are near. So let's get on well. We will get to that place soon. I made it to fix it. " In this way he led the party to the place of the treasure and made him get the treasure.