Myohorengekyo Myoonbosatuhon Dai Nijusi(24)         THE WONDERFUL-VOICE BODHISATTVA

Illuminate the east from Mt. Sacred Eagle
Illuminate the east from Mt. Sacred Eagle


Sakyamuni Buddha shone light from the fleshly excrecence of his head and the white curls between his eyebroes, one of the thirty-two phases of the Buddha, illuminating the tens of millions of Buddha's lands in the east. In Buddhism, the east represents the past and the west represents the future. In other words, it means that the light of Buddha's wisdom revealed the world of Buddha in the past. 

The main point of the chapter 24

When the light emitted by Sakyamuni-Buddha illuminated the world of Buddhas, the country of Pure-Flower-Star-King-Wisdom-Buddha emerged in it. There is a Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva who has reached various samadhis, and he wants to make a memorial service to the Sakyamuni-Buddha in the world of Sahā. Pure-Flower-Star-King-Wisdom-Buddha gave a few suggestions and allowed them. 


The Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva appeared on Mt.Sacred Eagle with the power of samadhi. In response to the question of the origin of the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva from Manjusri Bodhisattva, The Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva has a dignified appearance, a past life of purification, and a mission. Is told to Monju and Ketoku Bodhisattva. 



 In other words, it can be said that the two chapters of the medicine-king and the wonderful-voice gave suggestions on the continuation of faith and ties that fit the way of life of the Lotus Sutra from their clean deeds (samadhi).



 Nichiren Shu Ishikawa Dojo statement


Samadhi of Lotus Sutra

This Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva memorialized many Buddhas, became close to them, and completed the wisdom of deep enlightenment, and gained the samadhi of Lotus Sutra. In the sutra text, 16 samadhis such as the samadhi as wonderful as the banner of a general, the samadhi for the Lotus Flower, and the samadhi for pure virtue are explained, but in a word, it is "Samadhi of Lotus Sutra". The Samadhi is that the mind is focused on one thing and not disturbed. 


The samadhi of Lotus Sutra is to concentrate on trying to learn the teachings of "Lotus Sutra". There are various ways to do this samadhi of Lotus Sutra, so in the sutra text, 16 samadhis are mentioned and explained.


For example, "the samadhi by which one could understand the words of all living being" is to concentrate your mind so that you can understand the words of all the people. "the samadhi for exhibiting supernatural powers" is to become a free-spirited place that is not bound by anything by the power of supernatural.


If even one of these 16 samadhis can be really carried out, it will gradually approach the samadhi of Lotus Sutra.


Visit of The Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva

The light of Sakyamuni Buddha has illuminated the world of All-Pure-Light-Adornment. The Wonderful-Voice-Bodhisattva told to The Pure-Flower-Star-King Buddha.

"World-Honored One ! I wish to visit the Saha-World, to bow to Sakyamuni buddha, to attend on him, and to make offerings him. I also wish to see Manjusri Bodhisattba, the Son of the King of the Low, the Medisine-King Bodhisattva, the Brave-In-Giving Bodhisattva, the Star-King-Flower Bodhisattva, the Superior-Practice-Intent Bodhisattva, the Adornment-King Bodhisattva, and the Medicine-Superior Bodhisattva" 



Thereupon the Pure-Flower-Star-King-Wisdom Buddha said to the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva.

"Do not despise that world ! Do not considerit to be inferior ! The Saha-World is not even. It is full of mud, stones, mountains,and impurities. The Buddha is short in stature. So are the Bodhisattvas of that world. You are forty-two thousand yojanas tall. I am six million and eight hundred thousand yojanas tall. You are the most handsome. You have thousands of millions of marks of merit, and your light is wonderful. Do not despise that world when you go there"


Why are the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the world of Saha small? The body of the Buddha is infinite, but when it appears in the world of Saha, it is small because we humans living in the world of Saha are small. Both body and wisdom are dwarf. He was made smaller to fit these dwarf people.



Reveal thirty-four bodies

Sakyamuni-Buddha began to talk about the past life of the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva. A long time ago, there was a Buddha named Cloud-Thunder-Roll-King. That country is called "Appearance-Of-All-World", and the time when this Buddha appeared in the world was "Gladly Seen". The Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva held a memorial service to the King Buddha of Cloud-Thunder-Roll-King with various things including seven treasure bowls. Due to this connection, he was born in the land of Buddha called Pure-Flower-Star-King-Wisdom, and now has such a mysterious super power. 


This Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva has been planting the virtues of becoming a Buddha for a long time by offering memorial services and getting close to many Buddhas from the previous life. Thus, due to his magical power, he has appeared even in this Saha-World, and now he is about to hear Sakyamuni-Buddha preaching "Lotus Sutra" at Mt. Sacred Eagle. This Bodhisattva should not be considered alone.



This is because, according to the mythical power of the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva, various bodies can appear, and they can appear everywhere and preach their teachings. He can preach the teachings to the thirty-four bodies such as King-Brahman, King-Sakra, and the Liberty-God. And no matter what the circumstances, He will definitely go there and save.



 It can save all those who are suffering from hell, those who cannot eat on the hungry road, and those who are becoming animals on the animal road. The Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva appeared to all kinds of people and preached the teachings of "Lotus Sutra" for people in this Saha-World.



The samadhi by which one can transform oneself into any other living being

After seeing the wonderful work of the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva, the Flower-Virtue Bodhisattva asked Sakyamuni Buddha what kind of samadhi the Bodhisattva could do in this way. In order for Sakyamuni Buddha to answer, it was said that the samadhi was "one can transform oneself into any other living being" 



When Sakyamuni Buddha preached about the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva, all the 84,000 Bodhisattvas who came with the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva were able to get the samadhi by which one can transform oneself into any other living being. They decided to dive into any environment and save everyone, just like the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva.


Finally, the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva returned to his home country and went to the Pure-Flower-Star-King-Wisdom-Buddha, met Sakyamuni Buddha in the world of Saha, saw the Many-Treasures Buddha's pagoda, and reported that he had met the Manjusri Bodhisattva. When Sakyamuni Buddha preached this "The chapter of the Wonderful-Voice Bodhisattva", the Flower-Virtue Bodhisattva was also able to get the samadhi for the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law.


Cited document "Reading the Lotus Sutra" by Professor Shigeo Kamada