Myohorengekyo NyoraiJuryouhon Dai Juroku(16)            THE DURATION OF THE LIFE OF THE TATHAGATA

Statue of Buddha in Kushinagar
Statue of Buddha in Kushinagar

About 2500 years ago, Sakyamuni, who was the crown prince of the Sakya tribe, left his wife, Princess Yasodhara, and his son, Rahula, at the age of 29, and set out on a priesthood training trip in search of the truth to save the suffering of all sentient beings. It was. Then, six years later, on December 8, he sat under the Bodh Gaya Bodhisattva tree and became enlightened and became a Buddha. Nearly forty years after become the Buddha, at the request of Buddhist disciples and people, he preached to guide them, and in the last eight years until his enterning nirvana at the age of eighty, the present Rajgir, the former Magadha country. At Mt.Sacred Eagle in the royal capital, Rajgir Castle, the Lotus Sutra was taught the teachings of one's own enlightenment, and the center is the 16th The duration of the life of the tathagata. 




The main point of the chapter 16

In the 15th exhibition of the previous chapter"Bodhisattvas from Underground", Maitreya Bodhisattva asked what the meaning of the innumerable Bodhisattvas that can be exported from the underground, which has never been seen before. This product was the answer to there doubts. It was an unprecedented, vast and breathtaking teaching. 


Buddha was reprimanded three times, and was preached after being reprimanded and reproved. Everyone thinks that Buddha left the Sakya castle, sat in the dojo, and gained enlightenment in the last forty years, but that is not the case, and he has had an infinite amount of time since he became a Buddhahood. I complained that it had passed. It's an unimaginable number of years. During that time, he has been teaching various sermons in this world of Sahā. Moreover, all the teachings that Tathagata has preached are to teach people how to live as human beings, such as the true Buddha, other Buddhas, various Bodhisattvas, various heavens, various people, various phenomena, etc. (six manifestations). All the teachings that have been preached with  are true.



It is that Tathagata (Buddha) is not a single conscious person, and there is no existence or degree of destruction, and he says, "I see the three worlds of the three worlds, not really, not emptied, not so much, not differently. This is because it is all over the place, as it says, "It doesn't happen." In other words, the Buddha is not an individual, but a whole-space (Buddha world) that is omnipresent and envelops everything. Also, this is not just the whole thing, but an indication that I will teach people the way, saying, "I have followed the path of the Bodhisattva and the life of the bodhisattva is still endless." It is something that has worked.



Despite this appearance, Tathagata (Buddha) has a degree of extinction so that human beings always rely on others and do not have an easy feeling, and by extinguishing it becomes important. This is to make you aware. The "Good Doctor's Metaphor" reveals this and appeals for a life that never dies (Buddha). And the "last lyrics JIGAGE" is a compilation of these.


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