Myohorengekyou Hiyuhon Dai San (3) A PARABLE

A row of ox-cars slowly moving out of the Gion-Shouja suburb
A row of ox-cars slowly moving out of the Gion-Shouja suburb

There are seven key stories in Rotus Sutra that have been preached in order to make the teaching widely understood. Since ancient times, it has been called "Hokke Shitiyu"meaning seven parables in rotus sutra.


Among them, the famous story that is first described is the "The parable of the three cars in the house of fire" described by this gift.

The three cars are sheep pulling cars, deer pulling cars, and cow pulling cars, and they teach the stage of teaching that leads the Buddha's sentient beings. And the fire house is a society where we live in troubled people, and widely worships the world.


After hearing the teachings of the previous article, Sariputra understood that Buddhism is the one-bundled teaching to lead all the people to the border of Buddha. He was one of the most important people. So Shakamuni-Buddha gives  Sariputra the prophecy of the future to Buddha, and preachs the teaching for everyone with easy-to-understand instructions.




The main point of the chapter 3

New York skyscrapers that can be said to symbolize the prosperity of the world economy.
New York skyscrapers that can be said to symbolize the prosperity of the world economy.

Having learned that Buddha's teachings are equally to bring all the people to the boundaries of Buddha, Sariputra can not understand why so far, along with an unspeakable joy He confessed to the Buddha the remorse he had.


"Why we were called a Buddha's disciples' Sravaka and Pratyekabuddha, why were we separated from our Buddhas? How many times did you shout out when you said, "Is your Buddha a devil's Buddha?"

But now it was a devil's work to live in his own mind. "


Thus, Shakamuni-Buddha was delighted by his reverence to become a Buddha , and gave him the prophecy of "Flower-Light-Buddha".


At that time, many people also showed this satisfying joy on Mt.RYOJUSEN.

Here, the Buddha was once again presented to the public and other members with an easy-to-understand explanation about the teaching of the One Vehicle with "The parable of the three cars in the house of fire".


There was a large house at a certain place. It was a very ruined house, and not only a lot of people, but also demons, demons, and all lifeless creatures lived in horrible weak meaty eating habits.

However, a fire broke out in this mansion, and a lasting appearance began in an instant. There is only one small entrance to this mansion. Moreover, the children of the landlord don't know about it and have fun within the mansion. The father, who is the landlord, tries to take the children out of the door, but he does not listen to what he says. The father screamed to come out of the door because he gave him three types of cars: a sheep car, a deer car, and a ox car.

As a result, the children came out of the mansion, and the father did not give the three cars I mentioned earlier, but a large white ox car pulled by a fine white cow. And it was a pleasure to share with parents and children.




  Nitirenshu Ishikawa Dojo statement




Leave the fire house

The triple world is not peaceful.

It is like the burning house.

It is full of sufferings.

It is dreadful.


There are always the sufferings.

Of birth, old age, disease, and death.

They are like the flames.

Ranging endlessly.


The three worlds that appear in the text are the world in which we live. This world is a fire house surrounded by the flames of suffering and suffering of the living beings.

As described in earlier articles chapter 2, it becomes the evil world of Five Pollution. and people are born in this world and do not want to age, do not want to get sick, do not want to die No one can avoid the four sufferings, the so-called four sufferings.

There is also the pain that must be separated from one's own loved one, called "AIBETURIKU" and, conversely, the suffering that must be met with a disgusted person, called "ONZOUEKU".

Furthermore, there is the suffering that can not be obtained as the demand for seeking, called "GUFUTOKKU". The suffering of living that can not be avoided because it has the physical body and the five senses, called "GOUNJOUKU".

In addition to the four hardships, these are collectively referred to as eight hardships. While we are in a world of hardships, we are looking for the immediate pleasure as if we were tormented.

To leave the firehouse is to get to the border of the Buddha and gain "True Pleasure" on the vehicle of Buddha's teachings.


Three types of teaching

First of all, there are three types of carriages: a shepherd, a deer and a ox-cart.

Each represents three types of teaching: Sravaka-Yana(SHOMONJO), Pratyekabuddha-Yana(ENGAKUJO), and Bodhisattva-Yana(BOSATUJO).

This is the stage of the teaching that Shakamuni-Buddha was preached to lead to the living beings, and the Sravaka is the Buddha's disciples of the family who listen to Buddha's voice, that is, preaching.

And the Pratyekabuddha is those who realize the connection of all things and reach the impassive quiet frontier. And not only seeking wisdom from Buddha but also helping the living beings will save all people is Bodhisattva. But these were the ways to lead to the true teaching.





Big white cow car teaching

Lotus flower seen everywhere in India
Lotus flower seen everywhere in India

The landlord's father gave the children a large white cow, not a sheep car, a deer car, or a cow.

The teaching of this large white ox car is The Lotus Sutra. The teaching of the ox car, which is a oxcart, is also a teaching to save all sentient beings.

However, what the aim of the rule was to teach everyone to become Buddha.

The Lotus Sutra is referred to as the Equality-Big wisdom-One vehicle- the Sutra of the lotus flower. It is a teaching of the correct lotus that leads all sentient beings equally to the border of Buddha.





Three virtues of Master,Teacher and Parent


This triple world

Is my property.

All living beings therein

Are my sons.


There are many sufferings

In this world.

Only I can save

All living beings. 


This scripture is supposed to be what kind of existence to Buddha. "I own" means the virtue of the Buddha as the master of the Buddha in the sense that it is owned by the Buddha. "My Childhood" refers to the virtues of sentient beings. And "to rescue" means the virtue of the teaching teacher. The above three virtues are combined and called the master teacher's "Three virtues". Seeing Buddha as a master, as a father, and obeying as a master is essentially what Buddhists should be.



 India-Bihar Province, 

NIHONZAN MYOHOJI-Temple located in Mt.RYOJUSEN, Rajgeir

Stupa and the statue of Buddha.






Get in with faith

Even you, Sariputra.

Have understood this sutra

Only by Faith.

Needless to say,

The other Sravakas cannot do otherwise.

They will be able to follow this sutra

Only because they believe my word,

Not because they have wisdom.




Among the Buddhist disciples, even Sariputra who are known as the first Buddha wisdom, are the first to pass by faith and put them in the Teaching of Lotus Sutra, so the other disciples are the same. We can only enter into the teachings of Lotus Sutra by believing in honor of the Buddha.




Fourteen arrogant attitude

After teaching "Get in with faith", the attitude is listed as a distant thought from faith. That is, ① arrogance

② malaise (scrambled, slandering), ③ selfish (understand it by myself), ④ shallow knowledge ⑤ greedy ⑥ not understand the reason ⑦ disbelief, ⑧Do not please good, ⑨ Suspicion, ⑩ Beat the law ⑪Despise good, ⑫ Hate good ⑬ Envy good ⑭ Host good . The above is called the fourteen arrogant attitude.