Myohorengekyo Zokuruihon Dai Nijuni(22) TRANSMISSION

2006 Sunrise on Mt.Sacred Eagle
2006 Sunrise on Mt.Sacred Eagle


 "ZOKU" is to entrust, or ask. "RUI" is to bother and troublesome. "ZOKURUI" means to spend a lot of time, but to spread the teachings. Furthermore, no matter what kind of persecution or suffering you may suffer, please spread the teachings of this "Lotus Sutra". 

The main point of the chapter 22

Continuing from the previous article, Buddha stood up from the seat of the Buddha and reappeared the great divine power, and attached this invaluable law of enlightenment to all the people on the Mt.Sacred Eagle. In this scene, various bodhisattvas were made to vow "We will do as you command. Certainly, World-Honoured one!". In other words, while the previous 21 chapters were attached to the Bodhisattvas, such as the great Bodhisattvas headed by Superior-Practice, this 22 chapters were attached to all four people on the Mt.Sacred Eagle Society. Since ancient times, the former has been called another attachment as a future record, and the latter has been called the total attachment of the world. 


Nichiren Shu Ishikawa Dojo statement 



A modern Japanese translation of the full text of chapter22

At that time, Sakyamuni Buddha stood up from the seat that had been preached until then, and demonstrated his wonderful magical power. He first increased the number of his right hands innumerably, and then with his innumerable right hands, stroking the tops of the innumerable bodhisattvas, he said: 


"In the past, I sought the most correct enlightenment (Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi), which was 100 million times longer than the ten-fifty-ninth power  Kalpa. I trained and finally achieved it.

Let's entrust you with the most correct enlightenment right now. Therefore, you must spread this teaching with all your heart and work to spread it all over. "



In this way, the most precious person in the world said, stroking the tops of the bodhisattvas three times with his right hand.

"In the past, I sought the most correct enlightenment (Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi), which was 100 million times longer than the ten-fifty-ninth power Kalpa. I trained and finally achieved it.



Right now, let's entrust you with the most correct enlightenment. Therefore, believe in, read, and remember this Lotus Sutra, and preach this teaching without anyone, so that all living beings hear and understand this Lotus Sutra.


Because Tathagata has great mercy, is not generous, has no commitment, and is not afraid, just the wisdom of Buddha, the wisdom of Tathagata, the wisdom of Buddhism itself (natural wisdom). I just want to give it to all living things.


The existence of Tathagata is nothing but a great owner for all living beings. So you must learn as Tathagata did.


Don't be regrettable. In the future, if a good man or a good woman who wants to believe in the wisdom of Tathagata appears, preach this Lotus Sutra so that they can obtain the wisdom of Tathagata. If there are people who refuse to accept it, preach the profound teachings of Tathagata other than the Lotus Sutra to benefit and please them. Then you will be rewarded for the benefits you have received from Tathagata. "



In this way, after hearing Sakyamuni Buddha's preaching, the Bodhisattvas who were there were full of joy both physically and mentally. Increasingly respecting Sakyamuni Buddha, he crouched, lowered his head, and joined hands, saying in unison.


"Let's do everything as the world's most precious person said. Therefore, please do not bother your heart."

The Bodhisattvas said this word three times in unison.

"Let's do everything as the world's most precious person said. Therefore, please do not bother your heart.

Let's do everything, as the world's most precious person said. Therefore, please do not bother your heart if you are a precious person in the world. "




Then, Sakyamuni Buddha said that he would like to return his alter ego, Tathagata, who had come from all over the universe, to the land of each Buddha.

"I would like to say to the Tathagata who gathered here. Please spend your time in peace. Please place the tower where the Many-Treasures Buddha is located in its original place." 



Having heard Sakyamuni Buddha say this, the countless Tathagata and Many-Treasures Buddha who came from all over the universe and sat on the lion seat set up under the treasure tree, Innumerable bodhisattvas such as the Superior-Practis, Sravakas such as Shariputra, priests, nuns, male and female practitioners, gods and human beings in this world, Ashura All of them trembled with joy.


Contemporary Japanese translation "HOKEKYO" by Akira Masaki, from Shunjusha Publishing


Hard-to-find teachings

The fact that the Buddha stroked the heads of many Bodhisattvas by hand means that the Buddha truly trusted each of the Bodhisattvas. The Buddha has "consigned" to this reliable bodhisattva. The highest enlightenment is not easy to obtain. It is not easy to obtain the highest enlightenment because Buddha had a long penance to gain enlightenment and realized the truth in light of it. The greatness of Buddha can be understood most from the fact that he tries to give it to the Bodhisattvas without any particular commitment. Moreover, the bodhisattva who stroked his head must have been deeply moved because he wanted to spread this teaching with all his heart and to give excellent profits to anyone. 


What the Buddha gives to people

① Buddha's wisdom

The wisdom of the Buddha works to save the people who are suffering from the world. When the wisdom of the Buddha becomes clear and pure, it illuminates the darkness of the world and removes all darkness. The wisdom of the Buddha is just the light. It saves us from suffering, except for the anxieties of sentient beings.



② Tathagata's wisdom

It is the enlightened absolute truth of the Buddha. It can be said ”Tathata”. The truth, the legal world, and the legality are all Tathagata. The wisdom of Tathagata is to know the truth and to know the eternal life.


③ Natural wisdom

Natural wisdom is the Buddha-nature that people originally have. It is the wisdom of nature that this original Buddha-nature has blossomed. If this natural wisdom is left alone without training, it will not bloom as natural wisdom, and it will become a Buddha-nature that is said to be latent. The power of Buddha-nature grows greatly through training and the relationship between the teacher and good friends. This is nothing but the wisdom of nature.


The Buddha who can apply these three wisdoms to people is said to be "Tathagata is the great owner of all sentient beings."



Great joy

Many bodhisattvas heard the words of the Buddha and were all surrounded by great joy. The bodies of the bodhisattvas, who were very pleased when they were told to spread their teachings at the risk of their lives, were filled with that joy. The bodhisattvas promised to do it in front of the Buddha. Moreover, he said the same promise three times aloud. He said that he would never worry because he would work together to spread the teachings even in the world of the end of life. 



The Buddha, who heard the excellent replies of these bodhisattvas, was convinced that the teachings would surely spread even in the last world. There, he was told to return the Buddha of his alter ego, who had gathered at Mt.Sacred Eagle from all over, to each country, and to return the tower of the Many-Treasures Buddha to its original place.


Mt.Sacred Eagle's preaching, two places and three preaching

The Lotus Sutra's preaching, which began at the summit of Mt.Sacred Eagle in the City of King-House. And from Chapter11, because the mythical power of the Buddha put all the masses in the void, it became a preaching in the void. And now, since Chapter 22 is over and it returns from the void to the ground, it is said to be two places and three preaching. 



Buddha's alter ego, bodhisattva, sravaka, all kinds of people, heaven, people, and even Ashura gathered at Mt. Sacred Eagle to listen to the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, but any person can become a Buddha. Everyone had great joy when they heard that.



 By understanding such truth, the big drama from the first chapter of "Lotus Sutra" is concluded in Chapter 22, but after that, as the actual function of the Bodhisattvas who saved people by the teaching of "Lotus Sutra", "THE MEDICINE KING BODHISATTVA" The following items will be explained.



Stupa of Nipponzan Myohoji Temple in Tahosan
Stupa of Nipponzan Myohoji Temple in Tahosan