Myohorengekyo Jujiyujutuhon Dai Jugo(15)                        THE APPEARANCE OF BODHISATTVAS FROM UNDERGROUND

The land overlooking Mt. Sacred Eagle
The land overlooking Mt. Sacred Eagle

The first half of the Lotus Sutra, 28, has finished, and finally the Lotus Sutra enters the second half. In understanding the Lotus Sutra, the first half is called SHAKUMON, and the second half is called HONMON. "SHAKU" means to appear in a tentative form and means that the true Buddha appears to become a sentient being. In other words, it can be seen that the 14th half of the first half of the article is the Buddha's explanation as a temporary Buddha and the second half is the explanation of Buddha as the true Buddha. With the appearance of countless noble Bodhisattvas from the earth in the subordinate lodge exhibition, the true appearance of Buddha will be revealed in the next sixteenth chapter. 


The main point of the chapter 15

In Chapter11 "The Appearance of a Treasures", Shakyamuni-Buddha sought a person who would increase the Lotus Sutra after his extinction. Buddha has shown the attitude of doing things in the previous three chapters (12th, 13th, 14th). And in the fifteenth, it turns to those who receive it and grow up. While the wishes to grow the Lotas Sutra extend to the Bodhisattvas of the other land, Shakyamuni-Buddha is shown the Bodhisattva-mahasattvas of sixty thousand times as many as the sand of the River Ganges,  who is suitable for the mission. Then, the land of this Saha-World was torn, and bodhisattva-mahasattvas such as sixty thousand times as many as the sand of the River Ganges  came out in the air with Bodhisattva each such as  sixty thousand times as many as the sand of the River Ganges into the air to reach Shakyamuny-Buddha and Many-Treasures-Buddha. and worshiped.


At that time, four leaders of  bodhisattvas, Superior-Practice,Limitless-Practice,Pure-Practice, and Steadily-Established-Practice, were asked if the Buddha had long been instructed to be tired. Buddha, on the other hand, has no such fatigue. The reason is that these people have been acclimated to the past and have seeded good roots in various Buddhas, and they have received the trust and immediately connected to Buddha's wisdom. Because it will give you.


Upon hearing this, Maitreya Bodhisattva raised a suspicion with many bodhisattvas. What kind of bodhisattva is the innumerable bodhisattva from underground, which I have never seen or heard before? At this time, Shakamuny-Buddha reveals that they are disciples from the beginning since he gained enlightenment in this Saha-World. Upon hearing this, Maitreya Bodhisattva  became increasingly suspicious of his heart, and said, "Shakyamuni-Buddha was wondering why he was able to teach so many disciples, even though it had been more than forty years since he became Buddha. Maitreya moved his heart, and he begged for all the doubt.


Thus, along with this suspicion, it is about to be unveiled as a vast figure of Chapter16 "THE DURATION OF THE TATHAGATA"

 Nichiren Shu Ishikawa Dojo statement


No, stop, good men!

In the above THE APPEARANCE OF A STUPA OF TREASURES, in response to the Shakyamuny-Buddha calling for anyone who would increase the Lotus Sutra after my extinction, in excess of eight times the number of the sands of the River Ganges, Many Bodhisattvas from another world offer to preach for the people in the  world of after Buddha extinction.



However, Buddha dismissed, "No,Stop, good men!. You guys will not protect this Lotus Sutra." Because, there are bodhisattvaes in the air below the earth ground that originally amounted to sixty thousand times as many as the sands of the River Ganges. Each of the bodhisattva, which has the number of sands of the river Ganges of 60,000, has the same number of genus as these, and these are the ones who inspire the Lotus Sutra in this Saha-World. is there. As soon as the words were over, the land of one thousand million Sumeru-worlds of this Saha-World all vibrated, the land was torn, and a many thousands of billion of Bodhisattva-mahasattvas at the same time burst out of it.



 The bodhisattva from under ground spilled from this land is the bodhisattva of the Saha-World in which we live. On the other hand, the Bodhisattva that passed eight times the number of the sands of the River Ganges is a Bodhisattva of another land, and it is originally a Bodhisattva that should be active in various worlds other than the Saha-World.


 The bodhisattva from underground was not only shining golden in color, but also had 32 Buddhist phases, giving off an infinite amount of light. These bodhisattvas were people who lived in the sky below this Saha-World, and when they heard the voice of Shakamuny-Buddha calling, they appeared from underground.


   There were four guru among the bodhisattvas in this land. It is the four bodhisattvas of Superior-Pactice(JO-GYO),Limitless-Practice(MUHEN-GYO),Pure-PracticeJOU-GYO)
, and Steadily-Established-Practice(ANRYU-GYO)
. The names of the four Bodhisattvas represent the four major elements of this world, "earth, water, fire, and wind." , The work of the four Bodhisattvas, each of which is likened to each other, symbolizes the work of the four major elements that make up this world. Therefore, these four Bodhisattvas are considered to be the leaders of the Bodhisattva of the Earth.


November 2002 at the summit of Mount Sacred Eagle
November 2002 at the summit of Mount Sacred Eagle

Just as the Lotus-flower                                                    Is not defiled by water

It has long been thought that this Saha-World is a lonely one, a difficult world to live in, where human endless desires swirl. Innumerable golden bodhisattva have sprung from the bottom of the land of the world. The sutra says,


"They studied the Way of Bodhisattvas well.

They are not defiled by worldliness

Just as the Lotus -flower

Is not defiled by water.

they sprang up from underground,

and are now standing before you respectfully."


The Maitreya Bodhisattva and other Bodhisattva numbering eight thousand times as many as the sands of the River Ganges were skeptical about what this meant, and the Maitreya Bodhisattva asked the Buddha on behalf of them.


"It's only been over forty years since "World-Honoured One" left the crown prince, left the castle, and was enlightened under the Bodhi tree in Boddh Gaya. Could it have been possible to educate the infinite number of these bodhisattva from the underground in a short period of time, which is very unbelievable, for example 25 years old with beautiful dark hair? Young man pointed to a hundred year old man and said it was my son, and a hundred year old man also pointed to that young man, this was my father, who cared for me. There is something like that. What exactly does this mean?"



With this inquiry of the Maitreya Bodhisattva,Chapter15 "Bodhisattva from Underground" is over, and the answer to this inquiry is the eternal Buddha in the 16th "THE DURATION OF THE LIFE OF THE TATHAGATA" , the Buddha who has the eternal life of KUON who always preaches the law and educates sentient beings is explained by himself.


Refer to "Lecture on Lotus Sutra" by Tanaka Nitijun Geika, His Excellency Lecture



Lotus Pond at Pipurawer Ruins, North India
Lotus Pond at Pipurawer Ruins, North India