Myohorengekyo Johon Dai  Ichi (1) INTRODUCTRY

The Buddha was born in the Lumpini Flower Garden, located in Nepal, between Prince Jobon and Maya as Prince Gotham Siddharta.


He grew up as a prince, married to Yasho Dara, and a boy named Lafra was born.

However, when he was 29 years old, he sought out the truth in order to save all sentient beings from the affliction of life and aging, and after six years of training, he was enlightened under the bodhiaya bodhi tree at the age of 35. .

Then, for 45 years until He can close the life at the age of 80, He went to the temple for training such as Gion Shoja  or Chikurin Shoja,  Mt.RYOJUSEN. He went out as he was being scolded and preached equally equally to the king, nobles and elders, town merchants, village farmers and equally.


The teachings were handed down by the disciples after the death of the Buddha and became letters, and they were translated from India to China into modern Chinese sentences that were transmitted to Japan as esoteric Chinese sentences.

 The Cave where the first rally was held for the

compilation of scripture


However, the Buddha originally preached the teaching in plain language.

The beginning of the scripture begins with "Thus have I heard" 



The main point of the chapter 1

I heard such a lesson from Buddha.


When the Buddha was on the RYOUJUSEN of Oshajo, the capital of the Magada country, there were many living people, including many learners.

The Buddha disciples called Arahan who left the house, built up the practice, and got lost.

Bodhisattva who learns well and saves the people with the wisdom of Buddha.

Furthermore, the gods of the heavenly world, the dragon king and the asura, all kinds of demons.

And the people of the king and the family came to the party.


At that time, the Buddha summarized the innumerable teaching that he had taught up to that point, and entered the deep meditation by forming a rule.

Then the white and red lotus petals from above poured over the heads of Buddha and others, and the earth shook gently.

People were delighted to share in this mysterious event and stared at Buddha at a heart.


The Buddha shone the light from intercostal and illuminated the countless worlds across the eastern sky.

There are all the forms of this world from hell to ecstatic ones, the ones who practice themselves, the ones who save the sentient beings as a prisoner, and the Buddha who enters the temple and offers them. It is people.


At that time, Mirokubosatsu who is the Buddha of the future and the high praise humbled with all doubts.

Why does the Buddha show us such a strange phase? And He asked this to Monjubosatsu, who has been training for a long time.

On the other hand, Monjubosatsu reveals that to this and all others, this confession is for the purpose of preaching the true teaching of Buddha as it is enlightened. .

For the same thing happened in the past Buddhas.


In other words, the Buddha was in the distant past. The name is Sun-Moon-Light Buddha.Twenty thousand Buddhas, who repeatedly preached Buddhist law, had eight princes before their last Buddhas were still home.

Hearing that the father had realized enlightenment, all eight princes went home and began training.

At this time, the last day of the moon, the Buddha summarized the innumerable teaching, and was shown the same kind of conspiracy as the present Buddha.


At this time, there was a bodhisattva called Myokou and there were 800 disciples.

Sun-Moon-Light Buddha sent to Myokoubosatsu to preach the Lotus Sutra, and given Tokuzo Bosatsu to the prophecy of the following adult Buddha and was destroyed.

After that, Myokoubosatsu Gone preached for a long time the Lotus Sutra, and the eight princes also became Buddha about Myokoubosatsu.  The Buddha that came to life at the end of the eight people is called NentoButu.

Among the eight hundred disciple of Myokobosatsu, there was a man named Gumyou with strong desire. In fact, Mirokubosatsu is a man, a literary teacher, and it purports to identify the past as saying that it is a bribe and a bribe, so he said that the present Buddha will also presume the Lotus Sutra.


Nichirenshu Ishikawa Dojo statement



The picture of the light from the white curls between his eyebrows

In the introductory part of the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha did not explain the law, and shed light from the area of the spiral hair of the white-and-white phase between the brows and illuminated the 18,000 worlds of the east.


In the scriptures, the east implies the past, and the west implies the future. Shakamuni-Buddha reflected the past world's past lives of the world's immature world.


There are hell , brat,brute, shura (fhghting), human, heaven. The world living being of six regions of those worlds. and  The landscape of each past world life and the practice of various  in the Ten World, which is a ten-step world, including Sravaka,Pratyekabuddha,Bodhisattva,Buddha's Four Holy World It was shown to all sentient beings gathered at Mt.RYUJUSEN





A Buddha called Sun-Moon-Light

The earth we live in is a planet of the solar system that floats in an unimaginably vast space.


According to the theory of modern space science, about 8 billion to 9 billion years after the opening of the space of about 13 billion years ago, the Big Bang, about 5 billion years ago, about 5 billion years ago, our solar system and the earth were formed .

Since then, in a time that has been nearly 5 billion years away, the Earth has been revolving around the sun for a year, and the moon has been crawling around the Earth with repeated phases.



Everywhere on earth the sun marks the beginning of the day and the moon illuminates the dark night.

The name of the Buddha called Sun-Moon-Light appearance that appeared 20,000 times in the distant past is the Sun Moonlight clear as it implies the mystery of the universe, and the innumerable Buddha teachings are the Lotus Sutra.




Question and Answer of Maitreya and Manjusri

The bodhisattva of Maitreya is supposed to appear as Buddha in the future after 5670 million years.


The group, representing the masses gathered at Mt.RYOJUSEN, asks about the connection between the phases of the divine transformation that Buddha shows as a human being who has continued to practice in the past.

Therefore, it is revealed that the Wonderful-Light Bodhisattva, who underwent a study of the Lotus Sutra under Sun-Moon-Light Buddha, is Manjusri, and that the name of the disciple who seeks fame is, in fact, the past world of Maitreya , and each one sees himself For this reason, The Lotus Sutra begins.




                           November 2002 1st Ryusenji Temple Visiting Buddha at Mt. RYOJUSEN, India

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