Myohorengekyo Gohyakudesi Jukihon Dai Hati(8)                                                                      THE ASSURANCE OF FUTURE BUDDHAHOOD OF FIVE HUNDRED DISCIPLES

Purna,The son of Maitrayani. The most excellent expounder of the Law.

Buddha Gaya's Purna statue
Buddha Gaya's Purna statue

 Purna was born as the fourth child of a big merchant. After his father's death, he had a refusal to fight with his brothers but became a merchant like his father thanks to his natural merchant. At one point, He learned about Buddha from his workmate and became a disciple. One of the ten great disciples of Shakyamuni was called the preaching first. His mother's name is Maitrayani, and because it is a child, it is called Purna-Maitrayani-son.






The main point of the chapter 8

In the previous 7th episode of "The Parable of a Magic City", Purna was told that Buddha's teaching was not from the present-day life, but continued from the past of the Thousand Dust. Understood that while taking care of himself. On the other hand, Buddha described Purna's preaching as a preacher, and he was assured to become a Buddha of "Law-Brightness". Next, The twelve hundred Arhats, who had heard of it were scheduled to be guaranteed to become  a Buddha. Among them, Kaundinya Bhiksu became a Buddha of "Universal-Brightness", It was guaranteed that all 500 Arhats, such as Uruvilva-Kasyapa, would have the same name.


 Until now, it was a guarantee of becoming a Buddha after the understanding of the disciples, but here it was understood after the guarantee of 500 Arhats. In other words, they repented of their ignorance and explained the truth they first understood with a parable. That is the metaphor of the jewelry on the back of the garment.


 A person fell asleep at his best friend's house and slept. At that time, a friend had to leave the country by urgent action, so he sewed jewelry on the back of his sleeping clothes and entrusted him to build his life. The person did not notice it at all, and when he looked, he lived a wandering life again. If he worked and got a small reward, He was satisfied with it, and he had a hard time. After that, He happened to meet his best friend. When the best friend told him that I sent the jewel, he knew for the first time that he was struggling in vain. The best friend is the 16th prince who was explained in the previous metaphor of the castle, The reason why he fell asleep because he was drunk was that he was able to understand a little by listening to the 16th Prince reiterating The Lotus Sutra, but forgot because of ignorance.


People who were taught by the Buddha but did not realize it. He expressed his joy and understood it as if he were a drunk man.


Nichirenshu Ishikawa Dojo Statement





People and gods meet

Purna, who became a Buddha of "Law-Brightness", came to teach in an attempt to make the infinitely wide world all the land of the Buddha. What is the land of the Buddha? The land of the Buddha has seven treasures, the land is flat and there are no mountains, valleys or rivers. A palace decorated with seven treasures and a palace inhabited by gods are in the empty sky.


In the sutra, he said, “I got together with the heavens and got to see them in two ways.” This means that the person of the human world and the person of the heavenly world are able to communicate with each other, and both are attributed to the teachings of Buddha. 




The delight in the Law, and the delight in dhyana (Zen)

People in this country have different meals from us. In other words, they eat the delight of Law and the delight in dhyana. The delight of Law is a great pleasure in listening to the correct teachings of the Buddha, and The delight of dhyana(Zen) is a great satisfaction and joy when it is practiced. 




The Bodhisattva practices secretly                                      Though they show themselves in the form Sravakas

Purna has already gained a high heels of Bodhisattva, but in the depths of his heart, along with disciples of sravaka, he preached from the low teachings, and gradually It will be raised in the same spirit as Bodhisattva. 



What is the jewelry on the back of clothing?

 The jewels that appear in the metaphor of jewelry on the back of clothes are our Buddha nature. It is a fundamental idea of Mahayana Buddhism that all human beings have the Buddha nature. If you are already drunk and do not sleep, you should be aware that you already have a Buddhist jewel of humanity. However, if you are drunk, you will not notice even if you get a jewelry. In the same way, even though there is a wonderful treasure in our hearts, we cannot see it because it is clouded. Therefore, you will spend your whole life empty. It is enlightening to realize that, and the awakening of Buddha.



2011 Buddha visit at Bodh Gaya
2011 Buddha visit at Bodh Gaya