Myohorengekyo Kenhotohon Dai Juichi(11) THE APPEARANCE OF A STUPA OF TREASURES

 A stupa decorated with seven treasures of height and width with infinite length in front of the eyes when priests were preached and people decided in their hearts to enhance the teachings of the Lotus Sutra as a Budda's angel, The stupa suddenly sprang up of the ground and stayed in the air. The stupa was decorated with many jewels and flowers, and all sorts of creatures gathered around it, such as the heavens, dragons, and yasha, to nourish, respect, and praise the stupa. 


 Thereupon a loud voice of praise was heard from within the stupa of treasures.

"Excellent excellent! You,Shakyamunni, the World-Honored One, have expounded the Sutra of Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law, the Teaching of Equality, the Great Wisdom, the Law for Bodhisattvas, the Law proected by the Buddhas, to this great multitude. Thus is it.thus is it. What you, Shakyamuni, World-Honored One, have expoundedis all true" 




The main point of the chapter 11

From this, it becomes the sermon of the vacant party of the two places and the tree times. Many-Treasures Buddha, who was extinct in the past, emerged from underground and floated in the air with the stupa of treasures to prove the correctness of the teachings of the Lotus sutra. At this time,The Saha-World was swirled three times and turned into a ground, and all were cleansed. And all became the land of a buddha. Thus, all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on the 10 sides came to RYOJUSEN(Mt.Grdhrakuta). The Sakyamuni-Buddha opened the stupa of treasure and lived in it. The disciples who gathered at the RYOJUSEN, all things in the 10 sides worlds, also went up into the void, creating an unprecedented sight. In this way, the Sakyamuni-Buddha was  asking to attach the Lotus Sutra with a loud voice.

 Nichiren Shu Ishikawa Dojo statement



The vow of Many-Treasures-Buddha

Stupa at Many-Treasure-Mountain in India
Stupa at Many-Treasure-Mountain in India

The Great-Eloquence-Bodhisattva, who was suspicious of everyone who gathered at Mt. RYOJUSEN, was answered by Buddha asking about the cause of the stupa of treasures. 


"A long time ago there was a world called Treasure-Purity at the distance of many thousands of billions of asamkhyas of worlds to the east of this world. In that world lived a Buddha called Many-Treasures. When he was yet practicing the Way of Bodhisattva, he made a great vow, 'If anyone expounds a sutra called the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law in any of the world of the ten quarters after I become a Buddha and pass away, I will cause my stupa-mausoleum to spring up before him so that I may be able to prove the truthfulness of the sutra and to say 'excellent' in praise of him because I wish to hear that sutra direct from him."   



SANPEN DODEN (the Saha-World was purified tree times)

Former royal castle land
Former royal castle land

When he heard the vow of Many-Treasures-Buddha, Great-Eloquence- Bodhisattva told Buddha that he wanted to see the Many-Treasures-Buddha. Then, as Shakyamuni-Buddha wants Many-Treasures-Buddha to show his appearance to the people, he gathers all the Buddhas of his replicas who are preaching  in the ten-world to Mt. RYOJUSEN, then change the Saha-World,and change the country of 200 billion Nayuta in every direction, further change the country of 200 million Nayuta in every direction. Through the cleanliness, it became the one land of buddha. 




NIBUTU BYOZA (Two Buddhas sit side by side)

Principal object of worship in Nichiren Sect
Principal object of worship in Nichiren Sect

When Sakyamuni-Buddha opened the treasure door with his right finger, Many-Treasures-Buddha was sitting in a Zen style, and he was divided into half-seats and recommended to Sakyamuni-Buddha. Then, Sakyamuni-Buddha immediately entered the treasure tower, sat down and sat in a lotus position. At that time, a large number of people around saw the two Buddhas sitting in a lotus in a treasure pagoda, and asked them to go to the emptiness by using mystical power. When the Sakyamuni-Buddha heard the wishes of the masses, he immediately used his magical power to pull many people into the void.


The fact that the Buddha preaching the teachings and the two Buddhas who prove that the teachings are true sit side by side means that the Lotus Sutra which is now preached is the absolute truth. 






NISHO-SAN-E   (RYOZEN-E & KOKU-E)      (Two places and three sermons&Preaching in the sky)

The summit of Mt.RYOJUSEN 
The summit of Mt.RYOJUSEN 

Historically Buddha meditated and taught at the summit of Mt. RYOJUSEN at the Royal Castle, the royal capital of Magada, India at the time. King Vinvisara and many others seeking teaching, including Buddhist disciples, climbed the mountain. The beginning of the stage of the Lotus Sutra is the summit of Mt.RYOJUSEN. 


The ground scene described here is called RYOZEN-E. The treasure tower emerges from the earth with this treasure tower product, rises in the air, and the stage of preaching shifts to the sky with the magic of the Buddha. There is called KOKU-E. The two places are the ground and in the sky.The three meetings are the first RYOZEN-E on the ground, the second KOKU-E in the air, The last is the preaching on the ground again. It is a meeting called RYOZEN-E. 



NISHO-SAN-E has a profound meaning. The ground is reality, the air is ideal. We must deny reality, which is the reality of pollution, and aim for an ideal that goes beyond reality. However, the ideal that has completely denied reality and caught it has no power and is merely a fantasy. Only by re-drawing this ideal to the reality of pollution can it become a true ideal, a living concrete ideal. 




ROKUNAN-KUI (Six difficulties and nine easy)

It is very difficult to cultivate the Lotus Sutra after the extinction of Buddha. In order to show this, the last verses of the treasure statue prescribes ROKUNAN-KUI(Six difficulties and nine easy). It is said that nine easy is actually very difficult, but it is easier than it is to cultivate the Lotus Sutra. 


 KUI(nine easy)


① Although preaching a vast scripture other than the Lotus Sutra, it is not a big deal.


② It is not a big deal to pick up a mountain called SUMISEN and throw it into the distant world.


③ It is not a big deal to move the world with your toes and move it to other countries far away.



④ Standing at the top of the heavenly world and speeching the myriad scriptures other than the Lotus Sutra for the sentient beings is not a big deal.


⑤ It's not a big deal if someone takes the void in their hands and travels around the world.


⑥ It is not a big deal to put the earth on your feet and climb to Brahma.


⑦ It is not a big deal if you carry dry grass on your back in a great fire and do not burn yourself.


⑧ It is not a great deal to address people with 80,000 scriptures and give them six magical powers.


⑨ It is not a big deal to preach the law and to bring innumerable sentient beings to the border of Arhat.



 ROKUNAN(six difficulties)


① Difficulty in preaching  It is difficult to preach the Lotus Sutra.


② Difficulty writing    It is difficult to write the Lotus Sutra or to have the faith of the Lotas Sutra.


③ Difficulty reading           It is difficult to read the Lotus Sutra really even a little.


④ Preaching difficult          It is difficult to preach the spirit of the Lotus Sutra.


⑤Hearing loss     It is difficult to listen to the Lotus Sutra and receive the important points to believe them.


⑤Keeping difficult      It is difficult to keep the Lotus Sutra and pass it on to future generations.





Waterfall training
Waterfall training