Myohorengekyo NyoraiJinrikihon Dai Nijuiti(21)                  THE SUPERNATURAL POWERS OF TATHAGATAS


Of the 28 Lotus Sutras, there are only two sutras named "TATHAGATAS", one is THA DURATION OF THE LIFE OF THA TATHAGATA(Chapter16) and the other is THE SUPERNATURAL POWERS OF THE TATHAGATAS (Chapter21). From this, it can be seen that this Chapter21 has a great deal to do with the Chapter16. In a word, THE DURATION OF THE LIFE OF THE TATHAGATA(Chapter16) preaches the eternal life of the Buddha, and THE SUPERNATURAL POWERS OF THE TATHAGATAS (Chapter21) preaches the work of the Buddha with that eternal life.


The main point of the chapter 21

 Thus, when the Bodhisattvas from underground decided to preach the Lotus Sutra widely after the disappearance of the Buddha, The Sakyamuni-Buddha put out a wide tongue and brought it to Brahma, and then all. From the pores, a myriad of colored lights, the great power of the gods, were released.


In addition, the Buddhas in the ten directions also put out their wide tongues, and the earth in the ten-way world shook in six species. When the sentient beings of the ten-way world worshiped and rejoiced the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, including the The Sakyamuni-Buddha and The Many Treasures-Buddha, the ten-way world became the Buddha's land of one Buddha, creating the appearance of a MANDALA.


At this time, The Superior-Practice-Bodhisattva and other Bodhisattvas from underground were advised to use the four-phrase method in order to attach the Lotus Sutra.


Nichiren Shu Ishikawa Dojo statement 




Ten kinds of divine power

To give an interpretation of the ten kinds of divine power that the Buddha showed in front of all the people. 


① Put out a wide and long tongue

The fact that the Buddha put out his tongue means that the teachings that the Buddha preaches are absolutely true. The fact that Shakyamuni Buddha put out his tongue and countless other Buddhas put out his tongue shows that there is only one reason to explain it. This has long been called "there is one faith in the two gates."

The two gates are the "Shakumon" in the first half of the Lotus Sutra and the "Honmon" in the second half. It is said that the first half of the Buddha preached the teachings that lived for the Sakyamuni-Buddha's generation, and the second half of the main gate preached the teachings of the eternal Buddha.


② Light emitted from the pores

It means that it emits light from all pores. Light is a metaphor for absolute truth. Emitting light has long been called "the truth of the two gates is one." It shows that there is one truth that is explained by the teachings of Honmon and Shakumon.


③ Cough together

Speaking is to teach people, and it means that the teachings of Shakumon and the teachings of the Honmon are completely one, so it is said that there is only one teaching of the two gates. The teaching method differs depending on the ability of the other person, but the purpose of teaching is one, and there is one place to return. The fact that he spoke at one time speaks for itself.



④ play the finger at the same time

Playing with your finger is a promise. Flicking your fingers together means that everyone will be assured to do it. Both the first half of the Shakumon and the second half of the Honmon preach the Bodhisattva, preaching the teachings for people. Preaching for others is also for myself. Self and others become one. This is called "two gates are one person."


⑤ Six kinds of ground movements

The movement of the ground means that the heavens and the earth were impressed, and the heart of the person preaching the teaching extends to everything. It is said that "the act of the two gates is one" is that if anyone carries out this teaching, the Pure Land that can surely impress the heavens and the earth can be realized in this world. Shown. Both the Shakumon and the Honmon are teachings for carrying out Bodhisattva. 



⑥ Everyone sees the Great Buddha

It means that all things in the ten worlds, those with completely different circumstances, knowledge, and abilities, can always see the shape of the Buddha in the world of Sahā by the divine power of the Buddha. It is said that "the future has one root" that anyone can really know the teaching in the future if they practice according to this teaching. In the future, it means that the time will come when the roots of all kinds of people will match.


⑦ Voice chanting in the air

It means that the people heard a voice in the air. Those in the ten worlds were surprised to hear this voice in the air. This is because anyone in any world was asked to worship the Sakyamuni-Buddha in the world of Sahā. This shows that there is one teaching that any teaching and people of any land will believe in the future. This is called "one teaching of the future."


⑧ Everyone is devoted

The fact that all the things in the ten worlds worshiped at the Sakyamuni-Buddha in the world of Sahā means that it is time for people in every world to finally devote themselves to the Buddha. This is called "there is one person in the future". In the future, every person will be devoted to the only Shakyamuni Buddha.


⑨Dedicate the offerings from far away 

The dedication of all treasures, flowers and incense to the Buddha from the heavenly world is said to be "all future deeds are one", and in the future all people's deeds will be one. Human deeds must be united for the purpose of fulfilling the will of the Buddha.


⑩ Leading to one Buddhist land

The fact that the ten worlds communicate with each other and become one world means that "the truth of the future is one". In the future, all kinds of teachings will come down to one. One of the teachings is the absolute truth.


The important law of the four phrases

After the ten divine powers were revealed, Shakyamuni-Buddha was attached to the Lotus Sutra to the Bodhisattvas from Underground, including the Superior-Practice Bodhisattva. To name four things that are explained in this sutra


 ① "All the teaching of the Tathagatas"

It means all the contents that the Buddha has realized. The law has meanings such as teaching, truth, and norms, but here it refers to the content of Buddha's enlightenment that includes all of these. It is the absolute truth that the Buddha realized.



② "All the unhindered, supernatural power of Tathagatas"

The Buddha, who has realized the absolute truth, does a mysterious and freely work to save all sentient beings, which is his freely divine power. It is said that it is freely because it can show its function to any person anywhere.


③ "All the stores of the secrets lore of Tathagatas"

The Buddha can preach to any person in any case, so any teaching is stored in his chest. It is called the secret warehouse.


④ "All the profound things of the Tathagatas"

It is all the precious training that the Buddha performed. A thing is something that appears after being executed. It is all that the Buddha was done.


That is the place of enlightenment

And in the sutras about the training after the extinction of Tathagata

"Therefore, keep, read, recite, expound, and copy this sutra, and act according to the teaching of it with all your hearts"

Is explained.

Moreover, the training must be done with all one's heart. Where there are people who believe in and practice this Lotus-Sutra, in the garden, in the woods, under the trees, in the temple, in the homes of the resident, or even in the fine hall of fame. Even in mountains, valleys, and wide fields, we build towers and make the prayers of the Lotus-Sutra our prayers. 


The long line of sutras is

"Know this, the place[where the stupa is erected] is the place of enlightenment. Here the Buddha attained Anuttara-samyak--sambodhi. Here the Buddha turned the wheel of the Law. Here the Buddha entered into Parinirvana."

Is tied with.






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