Learning the Lotus Sutra~Foreword

 the summit of Mt.RYOJUSEN
the summit of Mt.RYOJUSEN

Starting with the first chapter, " Lotus Sutra first article" is a relatively short scripture ending with Chapter 28. If you calm down and read it, you can taste it in about a week.


The theme described in this monk is very simple and profound. Therefore, to open the gate of the lotus Sutra, you must listen to the words of the Buddha and be honest without a believing heart.


When you open this mysterious scripture, you are sitting on the summit of Mt.RYOJUSEN, the preaching of the Buddha begins, and eventually the stage changes with the empty meeting on Mt.RYOJUSEN




It is seen from the stupa  of Nihonzan Myohoji Temple.
It is seen from the stupa of Nihonzan Myohoji Temple.

There, one truth is preached that "all the living beings live the eternal life of the Buddha," the stage returns to the real earth again, and the guardian of the gods and buds to realize your mission is preached. After that, we worship the Buddha and leave the Mt.RYOJUSEN.


We are now living on the earth, the Saha-World.


To learn the law of Sutra is to reflect yourself in the mysterious mirror of the Sutra to know your life.     GASSHOU